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Academic Publication Services Tanzania.


TAKE NOTE : Publication means uploading your paper on our law journal and other journals but WE DO NOT PREPARE OR WRITE ANY WORK FOR YOU. Write your own work, then we will put it online for other people to read, we may review your work and recommend amendments that you have to do before publication.

WE, publish the following papers;-

1. Thesis

2. Dissertations

3. Research

4. Articles

5. Concepts

6. Papers

7. Anything Academic 


1. You have to be original owner of the work

2. No plagiarism

3. Email / phone number

4. Your names

5. University/ academic institution where the work done

6. Work must be in word format

6. Payment of fee of Tsh 25,000

Begin publication by sending your work to Whatsapp number 0628729934.

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