These digests are cited as in the following example;


[1967] H.C.D. n.203.


The number in square brackets indicates the year, and the final number indicates the number of the digest, not the page number.




            This volume is a re-publication, in a more convenient form, of the Tanzania High Court Digest for the years 1967 and 1968.

            The digests appear as before, except that typographical errors and omissions which crept into the originals have been corrected to the best of our abilities. The classification of cases under headings such as “Procedure” and “Income Tax” has been dropped, as have the brief summaries which formerly appeared at the head of each digest, since the Cumulative Index renders these redundant. The Index itself is completely new, and was drawn up on the basis of a careful re-reading of all digests, and in certain instances of the original cases. It should be noted that the numbering of the cases in the 1968 volume has been altered, due to an over-lap of numbers in the original Digest.




            This volume is the product of the combined work of many people, including most staff members of the following people should be mentioned in particular. Mr. S. Huber, all former editors of the Digest. As well as Mr.S.M.M.Amlani, Mr. E.K Chesaning and Mr. F.R.S.Onyango, our student assistants.


Lal+ Patel

Brian Slattery

The Editors

Identification of Cases

The system of identifying cases which are digested is as shown by the following example:

“Ali s/o Hamisi vs., (PC) Crim. App. 828-D-66;19/1/67; Saidi J.”

          (1)                    (2)          (3)      (4)   (5) (6)    (7)         (8)


(1)Parties-the full name of each party is given, first name first. Where there are several plaintiffs, defendants, or accuseds only the name of the first party is given. “R” is the abbreviation used for “Republic”.


(2)Court of Origin- this indicates the type of court in which the case was originally heard. “(PC)” stands for “Primary Court”, and “(LC)”stands for “Local Court”. Following the practice of the High Court in marking and numbering its judgments, no abbreviation is used when the case originated in a District court.

(3) Type of Case – the following abbreviations are used:

            Civ.  App.                  Civil Appeal

            Civ. App.                   Civil Application

            Civ. Case.                 Civil Case

            Crim. App.                 Criminal Appeal

            Crim . Case               Criminal Case

            Crim. Rev.                 Criminal Revision

            Crim. Sass                Criminal Session

            Mart. Conf.                Matrimonial Confirmation

            Misc. Apple.              Miscellaneous Application.

            Misc. Crim. Cause     Miscellaneous Criminal Cause


(4) Case Number – this is the number assigned to the case by the High Court in the series indicated by parts (2) and (3) of the citation.


(5) City  - this indicates the city in which the case was heard, or to whose registry the case was assigned, by the High Court. “D” is Dar es Salaam; “A” is Arusha; “M” is Mwanza; “Z”  is Zanzibar. Where these may not be appropriate, the name of the city is given in full.

(6) Year of Filing – this indicates the year in which the case was filed with the High Court, and assigned a case number.


(7) Date of Decision – this is  the date appearing on the decision handed down by the High Court.


(8) Name of Justice – this indicates the High Court Justice who decided the case and wrote the judgment.

            Thus, in the example given, “Ali s/o Hamisi v. R.” is Primary Court Criminal Appeal Number 828 of 1966 in the Dar as Salaam registry, decided on 19 January 1967, by Mr. Justice Saudi.

            Inspection Notes. Inspection Notes contain information and counsel useful to magistrates and advocates alike, and are therefore included in this Digest. The cases involved are assigned no high Court number. The citation her, therefore, includes the number assigned by the court whose decision was considered by the High Court, the name of the court, and the cit in which that decision was rendered. The date given is that of the issuance of the Note by the High Court.









1967 – 1968




Due to the large number of criminal cases digested, it has been found convenient to have separate indexes for civil and criminal topics. The Civil Index includes all “non-criminal” points of law which arise, whether in civil of criminal cases. The Criminal Index encompasses all points of law relating directly to criminal prosecutions for offences against the Penal Code and other statutes creating penal offences. The classification system of the Civil Index is based on that developed for the African Law Reports by Dr. Alan Milner. The Criminal Index uses an original classification system, which hopefully represents an improvement of other current systems.

In both Indexes, as in the Name Index, cases are referred to by year and number, as in: 1968/423. It should be noted that the final number is the case number, not the page number.



This Index was prepar         Q`ed by Brian Slattery with the assistance of S.M.M Alana and F. R. S. Onyango.







Abbas G. Essaji et al vs. Gordon D. Solanki c/o Solanki Taylor          1967/227

Abbasi G. Essaji vs. Gordon Dewji Solanki                                         1967/279

Abedi Shekulwavu vs. Salim Juma                                                      1967/88

Abdallah Mohamed vs. R.                                                                   1968/177

Abdalla s/o Siki vs. R.                                                                          1968/299

Abdallah Abede Tamim v.  Salim Salum Hekan                                  1967/44

Abdallahamid vs. Rama dhani Shemdoe                                            1967/431

Abdallah s/o Saidi vs. R.                                                                     1967/12


Abdallah Salinu vs. Ramadhani Shemdoe                                          1968/129

Abdallah Salum vs. Twentsche  Overseas Trading Co. Ltd.               1967/228

Abdallah Tamim vs. Said Alley                                                            1967/113

Abdi s/o Omari vs. R.                                                                          1968/324

Abdi Salum vs. Kheri Salim                                                                 1967/381

Abdul Javer Heghji vs. Alibhai Mitha                                                   1967/235

Abdul s/o Salumu vs. R                                                                       1967/107

Abdulaziz Velji Ratansi vs. Sher Singh                                               1968/413A

Abdulrasul Haji Jooma vs. Harman Singh Bhamra                             1967/41

Abraham s/o Lanjou vs. R.                                                                  1968/180

Abu A Mwenge vs. R.                                                                         1967/453

Adamu s/o Athumani vs. R                                                                 1967/148

Adamu Mtondo vs. Likuna Omari                                                        1968/289

Adam Kharid vs. Amina Rajabu                                                          1968/405

Adam Shabani vs. R.                                                                           1967/193

Adiza Malifeza v. R                                                                              1968/192

African Bazaar vs. Hassani Abdallah                                                  1968/338

Agnes Asser Mguya vs. Bakiri E. Mbaga                                            1967/326

Ahmed Ibrahim vs. R                                                                          1968/365

Akber Merali Alibhai vs. Total Jamhuri Service Station                      1967/175

Akilimali Rumisho vs. Kaunara Kisano                                               1968/211

Alex s/oAndrea vs. R.                                                                         1967/339

Alex Godfrey Mungumbele vs. R.                                                       1968/241

Alexander s/o Ngimna vs. R.                                                               1968/234

Alexander Tryphon Dembiniotis vs. Central African Co. Ltd.              1967/55

Alfred Bazila vs. R.                                                                              1968/309

Alfred Christopher Carere vs. R                                                          19667/223

Alibah s/o Dadi vs. R.                                                                          1968/308

Ali Nyamgunda vs. Emilian Kihwili                                                       1967/177

Ali Mohamed vs. R.                                                                             1968/63

Ali Simba vs. R.                                                                                   1968/240


Allen Nyelo vs. R.                                                                                1967/213

Alli s/o Iddi vs. R                                                                                  1967/219

Alli s/o Islam vs. R.                                                                              1967/1

Alli  s/o Mohamed vs. R                                                                      1967/241

Alli Mohamed vs. R.                                                                            1968/277

Alli s/o Nassoro vs. R                                                                          1967/314

Alli s/o Ramadhani vs. R.                                                                    1968/430

Alli Mohamed vs. R                                                                             1968/146

Aloice Matanda vs. Samany Ngapanyi                                               1968/416A

Aloys Ignas vs. Simeo s/o Mulokozi                                                    1968/400A

Aloys Kamuzora vs. R.                                                                        1968/428A

Amani Chogo Chacha vs. Riobo Nyambara                                        1967/433



Amani Zephania  Kimweri vs. R.                                                         1968/50                                                        

Ambokile Mwamalango vs. R                                                              1967/275                                                              

Amina Katume vs. Eustace Ngyakowa                                               1968/13                                                 

Amina Rajabu vs.  Adam Kharid                                                         1968/405                                                          

Amirali Rashid Rajwani vs. R                                                              1967/305                                                                

Amiri s/o Juma vs. R.                                                                          1968/61                                                                           

Amiri Ludongo vs. Hija Gamba                                                           1968/457A                                                              

Amiri s/o Rashidi vs.                                                                           1968/302

Amiri Salehe vs. R.                                                                             1968/193

Amosi s/o Marwa vs. R.                                                                      1967/357

Amradha Construction Co. vs.

Sultani Street Agip Service Station.                                                          1967/321

Amiri s/o Ahmed vs. R.                                                                        1968/329                                       

A.M. S. Lemki vs. R.                                                                            1968/229

Anage s/o Temu vs.R.                                                                        1967/404

Andogwisye s/o Mwambunga vs. R.                                                    1968/378

Andrea s/o Kimbulu vs. R.                                                                   1968/312

Andrea Ndibalema vs. R.                                                                    1968/291

Andrea Rafael vs. Antonio Masakunya                                               1968/132

Andrea Wisai vs. Fransiska Opong                                                     1968/17

Andreas  s/o Manake vs. R.                                                                1967/368

Angasisye s/o Mwalkuga vs. R.                                                          1968/325

Aniset Bonaventura vs. R.                                                                   1967/272      

Anthony Mhikwa vs. R                                                                         1968/420A

Anyandulik s/o Mwaikusa vs. R                                                           1968/270

Arusha Tailoring vs. Mrs. T, Pucci                                                       1967/424

Asia, Miss d/o Amiri vs. Ahmed s/o David                                           1968/206

Asukile s/o Mwankyoma vs Manyasa s/o Mainge                               1967/165

Asumani s/o Mataka vs. R                                                                   1968/427

Atanasi s/o Kawuwu vs R                                                                    1968/30



Attilia Mosca vs. Hassanali Kassam Damji                                           1967/176

Attilio s/o Mosca vs. R                                                                         1968/295

Athmani Lusaju vs. Sadiki Athumani                                                    1968/128

Athumani Alli vs. R.                                                                              1967/444

Athumani Hatibu vs.R.                                                                          1968/396

Athumani s/o Kassim vs. R.                                                                             1968/143

Athumani Mtaka vs. R                                                                          1967/452

Angaburg Pennyle Lekajo vs. R                                                           1967/276

Augustine s/o Machau vs. R.                                                               1967/67

Augustino Brown Chanafi vs. R.                                                          1968/73

Automobile Stores Ltd. vs. L.K Msosa                                                             1968/226

Awali Mlanga vs.R                                                                               1968/242

Azaria vs. Mbuya                                                                                  1967/33 

Azuerali Kajimji & others vs.

The City Council of Dar es salaam                                                          1968/ 384


Babla & Gajjar Auto Garage vs. Surjit Singh Toor  t/a Frank Sestine &

Co.                                                                                                      1968/292

Bi Baikiliza Kamrugisha vs. Bi. Kyobalychwa.                                     1968/248                    

Bakari s/o Issah vs. R.                                                                         1968/33

Bi. Bagonzi d/o Kasindo vs Rafael Kasindo                                        1968/291

Bakiri Hoya vs. Gabriel Mdoe                                                              1967/229

Balikulije Mpumagi vs. Nzwili Mashengu                                             1968/20

Balukunika s/o Mhozi vs. R.                                                                1968/392  

Balyehaila  Mulagilwa  vs. Bwemi Mulagilwa                                      1968/164

Bandama Johnson Malindi vs. R.                                                        1967/220

Bamsongile s/o Mwalugaja vs. Sifumwike. s/o Mwandinde                 1967324

Barthazar Barongo vs. Mary Bendicto                                                 1968/209

Barthlomew Ndyanabo vs. Petronida Ndyamukama                           1968/339

B.A.T. Kenya Ltd. vs Express Transport Co. Ltd.                                 1967/374

Bawari s/o Abedi vs. R                                                                        1967/11

Benadus Okemba vs. Okoko Aran                                                      1968/15

Benbros Motor Tanganyika Ltd. vs. Ramalal Haribhai Patel               1967/435

Benedict s/o Beatus vs. R                                                                        1967/406                                                        

Bigwomunda Malaula vs. Bahanda Rwoje                                          1968/205

Birsingh vs. Ramnik J. Khetia                                                                1967/286

Bituro d/o Msiba vs. Magero  Naguguri                                               1968/162

Bosco Lucas s/o Sungura vs. R                                                          1967/186

Boniface Muhigi vs. Philemon Muhigi                                                  1967/231

B. Sirley &Co.Ltd. vs  Tanganyika Tegry  Plastics Ltd.                       1968/290

Bugi s/o Rioba vs.R.                                                                            1967/68



Bundile d/c Waziri vs. Tokla d/o Paul                                                  1967/158

The Manager,Burhani Saw Mills Ltd. vs. R                                         1968/395

Burns & Blane Ltd. vs. United Construction Co. Ltd.                           1967/156

Braison s/o Sachayo vs. R                                                                  1967/365



Cecelia  Fernandes vs. Noordin Ali Vali Issa                                       1967/172

Celestin Alai Mzigo vs. R.                                                                    1967/103

Chababila s/o Kakobe vs. R                                                                1968/319

Chacha Gikaro vs. Marwa Maroro                                                       1968/3

Chacha s/o Matiku vs. R.                                                                     1968/189

The Manager, Chambogo Magnesite Co. Ltd. vs. R.                          1968/150

Chanungu Chipaeni vs. R                                                                    1968/268

Charles Herbert  Withens-Payne vs. Commission of Income Tax       1968/406A

Charles s/o Hizza vs. R                                                                       1967/362

Charles s/o Makanyaga Makoba vs. R                                                1967/271

Charles s/o Mumba vs. R                                                                    1967/221

Chibaga s/o Jumbe vs. R.                                                                   1968/389

Chibaya s/o Mbuyape vs. James s/o Mlewa                                       1967/434

Chicua  Alias Wadson s/o Kaombwe vs. R.                                        1967/63

Chikondamu Ching’ang’a vs. R.                                                           1967/403

Chimanlal Chimilal vs. R                                                                      1967/448

Christian Simon  Briyo vs. R.                                                               1967/419

Christina Ndege vs. Daudi Wankaniya                                                1968/255

Christopher s/o Lucas vs. R                                                                1968/175

The city Council of Dar es Salaam vs. Taj Mohamed                          1968/247

The city Council of Dar es Salaam vs. Taj Mohamed                          1968/287

C.K. Matemba  t/a Matemba & Co. vs. Jumanne Yamuhunga  t/a

               Citizen Club                                                                          1968/118

C.K.Matemba vs. Mary Matemba                                                        1968/252

Clement s/o Mbella vs. R                                                                    1968/31

Cleophace Anthony vs. Paul Edward                                                  1968/137

Commissioner of Customs & Excise  vs. Tarmal Industries Ltd.         1967/327

Constantin Hamanya vs. Elias Kayoza.                                               1968/125

Cosmos s/o Athumani vs. R.                                                               1967/120

Cosmos Patrick Chanda  vs. R                                                            1968/111

C.K.Chipanda vs. R.                                                                            1968/421


Dahaye Marsaw vs. Darabe Gayidamuyi                                            1967/373

Damas Sabi vs. John Kisika                                                                1968/136

Dani s/o Timoth vs. R                                                                          1968/427A

Daniel s/o Ignana vs. R                                                                        1967/84

Daniel Kambegwa vs.R.                                                                      1968/333



Daniel Mtunze vs. R                                                                            1968/321

Daniel s/o Mugema vs. R.                                                                   1967/99

Daniel Marwa vs. Surati Mwita                                                            1968/133

Daniel Sinsinimwezi vs. R                                                                   1968/106

Daniel s/o Sindirimwezi vs. R.                                                             1968/327

Daniel s/o Stephen vs.                                                                        1967/399

Daniford Shanghai vs. R                                                                     1967/268

Dauda s/o Hamisi vs. R                                                                       1967/21

Daudi James vs. R.                                                                              1968/71

Daudi Mwabasile vs. R                                                                         1967/59

Daudi Wankanya vs. Christina Ndege                                                 1968/255

Dausen F. Sawe  vs. Oforo Semu Swai                                               1967/429

Dar es Salaam Motor Transport Co. Ltd. vs. Metha                            1967/423

David Mwita s/o Paulo vs. R.                                                                  1967/134

Dr. M. Daya, Administrator, H.H. The 

Agakhan Hospital vs. T. Sange                                                            1968/353

Dengwa s/o Masiku vs. R.                                                                    1967/454

Deusdedit Kashanga vs. Bi Baitu Rwabigene                                      1968/165

Dhaniben Chaku Hirji vs. Vinay Chondua G. Modessa                        1967/51

Didas s/o Paulo vs. Christina d/o Leiza                                                1968/448A

Dimishky vs. Sergio Mauritzi                                                                1968/465A

Director, Jinnah’s Co. vs.  Francis Owino                                            1967/425

Donald s/o Musa vs. Tutilo s/o Yonathan                                             1967/118

Donolus s/o Ishindike vs. R.                                                                1967/290

Doto s/o Luhende vs. R.                                                                        1968/439

Doto d/o Sweya vs. Mhinda d/o Sweya                                                1968/345

D.T.Dobie & Co. Ltd. vs. Manji’s Ltd.                                                               1968/161

Duncan Mberelie vs. Gibson Mawalla                                                  1968/454A



Ebrahim Abdullah Bahurmuz vs. The City Council of

Dar es Salaam                                                                                             1967/179

Edmund van Tongereu vs. Tanganyika Tegry Plastics Ltd.                1968/401A

Edward s/o Hamisi vs. R.                                                                      1967/348

Edward Kalemela  vs. Mnyebe Rwenjege                                            1968/80

Edward Michael vs. R.                                                                         1968/58

Edward  Opiyo vs. R.                                                                           1968/55

Edward Mponzi vs. R.                                                                           1968/438

Edward Rwehabula vs. John Rwehabula                                             1968/53

Elgeyo Border Wheat Farms Ltd. vs. R                                                1968/307

Eli Haji Salum Mbogoromwe vs. Asumini d/o Ngobesi                        1968/383

Eliakimu s/o Zacharia vs. R                                                                  1967/407



Elikana s/o Mekijanga vs. R                                                                 1968/335

Eliezwa Sangwe vs. R                                                                          1968/187

Eliud s/o Kuzwa vs. R.                                                                         1968/159

Eliyaforo Hosea vs. Fraeli Kimarya                                                      1968/331

Emanuel Paul vs. Daudi Tibendelena                                                  1968/169

Emmanuel Bwegilire vs. Juma Hamisi                                                 1967/45

Emmanuel Tumbotele vs. R                                                                  1968/144

Enock s/o Shombe vs. R                                                                     1968/219

Ephraimu Obungo vs. Naftael Okeyo                                                  1968/288

Essak Ismail & Sons vs. Martini Mwanga                                            1968/352

Esther David Mmari vs. Emmanuel Makaiki                                        1967/178

Evarister Martin vs. Tefumwa Tibishubwamu & Another.                    1968/412

Ezekiel s/o Luka vs. Kijana s/o Mtenda                                               1968/404



Fabian Maganga vs. R                                                                        1967/346

Fanuel s/o Kiula vs. R.                                                                        1967369

Farrah Inc. S.A. vs. The Ottoman Bank                                              1968/356

Fatehali Ali Peera vs. Onorato Dolla Sauta                                         1968/414

Fatuma d/o Omari vs. Rashidi s/o Athumani                                       1967/173

Faustin Joseph vs. R.                                                                          1968/246

Felista Ishekanyoro vs. Martin Nanyika                                               1968/12

Ferdinand s/o Rajabu vs. R.                                                                1967/38

Fideli Nyembe  vs. R.                                                                          1968/34

Fitina s/o Nchuma vs. R.                                                                     1968/430A

Francis Chilemba vs. R.                                                                      1968/471A

Francis s/o Mtangi vs. R                                                                                                                                                                                                                          1968/235

Francis Ngumbo vs. R.                                                                        1968/103

Francis (Aoka) s/o Oyengo vs. R.                                                       1967/309

Francis Kanyuka vs. R                                                                         1967/305

Francis s/o Kitana vs, R.                                                                     1967/224

Francis s/o Mwijage vs. Boniface s/o Kabalomeza                             1968/341

Frixos Costa Meinarid vs. Ingra                                                           1968/286


Gabriel  Mugenda vs. Sospeter Bocho.                                               1968/89

Gabriel Nzigula vs. Rooza d/o Muyungi                                               1968/126

Mrs. G.A.H.Adat vs. R.                                                                        1968/152

Gauderinsia Samwel vs. Melchor Marcel                                            1967/333

Geofray s/o Buyombe vs. R.                                                                1968/373

Geofrey  Malamia vs. R                                                                       1968/306

George Tumpes vs. R.                                                                        1968/416

Gervas Ngaiza Baitilwa vs. Ngaiza Baitilwa                                        1968/11



Gokar Damji & Sons vs. Gulamhusein Saleh Haji                               1968/285

Gordon Masika vs. R.                                                                          1968/107

Govindram  Insherdar vs. R.                                                                            1968/432A

Gulamhussein Bros vs. Kantibhai C. Patel                                          1967/293

Guli Tsauna vs. R                                                                                1967/440



Habib  Punja &Sons vs. Madam Margot Agas                                     1967/380

Haki s/o Nangalwanya vs. R.                                                                1968/57

Halfani Salum vs. Hasifa Kondo                                                           1967/181

Halidi s/o Twalibu vs. R                                                                        1968/423

Halidi s/o Athumani v. R                                                                       1967/93

Halifa Ibrahim                                                                                        1968/310

Halima  Guleti vs. Ibrahim Ahmed                                                         1968/76

Halima Mgaya vs. Saada Juma                                                                        1968/93

Halimoja Kavira vs.  R.                                                                          1968/418A

Hamadi Sadiki vs. R.                                                                            1968/431

Hamea s/o Mohamed vs. Omari s/o Abdallah                                      1967/48

Hamidu s/o Udu vs. R                                                                           1967/246

Hamisi s/o Bakari vs. R.                                                                        1967/34

Hamisi Mlezi vs.Umoja Printers                                                            1968/350

Hamisi s/o Shaha vs. R.                                                                       1967/253

Hamisi s/o Issa vs. R.

Hamisi Juma vs. R.                                                                               1968/429A

Hamisi s/o Mtanga vs. R.                                                                                  1967/409

Hamisi Kinyaju vs. Hussein Mkondo                                                     1967/53

Hamisi Salum Mnenjon vs. R.                                                               1968/72

Hamisi Simbane vs. R.                                                                         1967/176

Harnam Singh vs. R.                                                                             1968/280

Hashidi s/o Ally vs. R.                                                                           1967/215

Hassanali Issa & Co. v. Jeraj Produce  Store                                       1967/52

Hashimu s/o Mohamed Mfaume vs.  R                                                 1968/272

Hassani Abasi s/o Mohamed vs. R.                                                      1968/220

Hassan s/o Mohamed vs. R.                                                                 1968/429

Hassan s/o Sefu vs Muru s/o Mohamed                                               1968/405A

Hassani Abdalla vs. African Bazaar                                                      1968/338

Hassani Abdalla Mbaga vs. R.                                                              1968/160

Hassani Mirambo vs. R.                                                                        1968/440A

Hassani s/o Mohamed vs. R.                                                                1968/417A

 Hassanali Issa & Co. vs. Jeraj Produce Store                                     1968/52

Hassanali Walji vs. R.                                                                           1968/172

Hatibu s/o Nyakita vs. R.                                                                      1967/298


Hemedi Shemela vs. Amiri Shemela                                                    1967/162

Henock s/o Mtoi vs. Frida d/o Yafeti                                                     1968/204

Henrico s/o Welengaile vs. Felician s/o Kiraama                                 1967/347

Henery Gervase vs. R                                                                          1967/129

Henry Kiteleaye  vs. R.                                                                         1967/205

Hilarius Karario vs. Subaya Kirahi                                                        1968/95

Horn Makindi vs. R                                                                               1967/188

H.S. Mangat vs. B. Sharma                                                                   1968/167

Hulda John vs. Stanley Muzava                                                            1968/253

Hussein Adam vs. Asili Abdullah                                                           1968/92

Hussein Kijuu vs. R                                                                               1967/421

Hussein s/o Hamza vs. R                                                                      1968/223


I.A Fergusson vs. R.                                                                              1967/245

Ibrahim Ahmed vs. Halima Guleti                                                          1968/76

Ibrahim Lihoha vs. R.                                                                             1967/230

Idefonce Mpendakazi vs. R.                                                                  1967/124

Iddi d/o Kungunya vs. Ali s/o Mpate                                                     1967/49

Ignatius Balamuzi vs. Jeremiah Peter                                                  1968/400

Ingra vs. Frixos  Costa Moimaridi                                                         1968/286

Inosence s/o Pangras Nsimgura vs. R                                                  1968/275

In re Abdallah Salim Ali Ab-Salaam                                                      1967/174

In re Dara F. Keeka & Mohamedali Nasser Damji                                1967/320

In re Mohamedhusseni Shariff Jiwa                                                     1967/238

In re Petition by Habel Kasenha                                                           1967/166

In re Petition by K.A. Thabit                                                                 1967/167

In re R.V. Sakerbai M. A. Gangji                                                         1967/243

In re Shariff Jamal & Sons Ltd                                                             1967/155

Isaya s/o Longei vs. R.                                                                        1968/316

Isaya s/o Maguje vs. R                                                                        1968/155

Isidori s/o Casper vs. R.                                                                      1968/257

Ismael s/o Rashid vs. R.                                                                      1968/139

Ismail s/o Bakari vs. R.                                                                        1967/420

Issa s/o Amri vs. R.                                                                              1968/195

Issa s/o Balati vs. R.                                                                            1967/22

Issa s/o Jakale vs. R.                                                                           1968/100

Issa s/o Mwamdachin  vs.R                                                                1967/414

Issa s/o Ntoka vs. R.                                                                           1968/374

Issah s/o Kibwana vs. R.                                                                    1967/239

International Trading &Credit Company of Tanganyika vs. R             1968/221

Izaak Sempanama vs. Leokadia Mwombeki                                        1968/212





Jackson James vs. R.                                                                         1967/273

Jackson s/o Sumuni vs. R.                                                                  1967/152

Jacob Tibufumula vs. Abraham Kipala                                                1967/40

Jacob Timifumula vs. Daud Justinian                                                  1968/134

Jacob Timifumula vs. Ntange Bebwa                                                  1968/14

Jafenia s/o Shimba vs. Masuka s/o Nyanda                                       1968/10

Jairi s/o Mwaipopo vs. R.                                                                    1968/300

Jairosi Yohane vs. R.                                                                          1968/218

Jajdin P. Madhani vs. The New Great Insurance Co. of India Ltd.     1967/153

Jamal Hirji vs. Hassanali Kassam Harji                                              1967/234

James s/o Yohane vs. R.                                                                     1967/145

Jando vs.R                                                                                           1967/7

Japhet Fungameza vs. R.                                                                    1968/422A

Japhet s/o Mangwa vs. R.                                                                    1967/293

Jayant D. Desai vs. Hashi Warsama                                                    1967/171

Jayantilal  Narbheram Gandesha vs. Killingi  Coffee Estate Ltd &

                  Panyotis Preketer                                                             1968/399

Jean s/o Kisila vs.R                                                                             1967/370

Jeremiah s/o Mhindi vs. R.                                                                  1968/273

Jeremius  s/o Boramwenda  vs. R.                                                      1967/191

Jesa Ibrahim vs. R                                                                              1968/236

J. M. Kika, Messrs. vs. R.                                                                    1968/59

Joaquin Gregory D’Silva vs. R.                                                           1968/266

Joas s/o Ernest vs. R.                                                                          1967/335

Joha s/o Juma vs. R                                                                            1968/474A

John s/o Elirehema vs. R.                                                                   1968/278

John Hamisi vs. Boniface s/o Paul                                                       1968/166

John Joseph vs. R.                                                                               1968/425

John Kenneth Peterson vs. R.                                                              1968/271

John s/o Kiwanuka vs. R.                                                                    1967/102

John Lwehabura vs. Edward Lwehabura                                             1968/358

John Masumbuko vs. R.                                                                       1968/433A

John Micheal  & Msekwa vs. R.                                                          1968/274

John Mtandara vs. R.                                                                          1968/303

John Ngarama vs. R.                                                                                       1967/264

John Paul vs. R.                                                                                  1967/347

John Sheta vs. R                                                                                 1967/192

John Silanda vs.  R                                                                             1968/322

John Wamaana vs. R.                                                                         1968/49

John Wayage Nyamahenda vs. R.                                                      1968/432




John Yakubora vs. R.                                                                          1968/367

Johathan Chamande vs. R.                                                                 1968/237

Joseph Imira vs Iddi Hamedi                                                               1968/355

Joseph vs. R.                                                                                       1967/29

Joseph Arah Teso vs. R.                                                                     1967/398

Joseph Constantine vs. Losilale Ndaskoi                                            1968/381

Joseph s/o Jacob vs. R                                                                       1967/5

Joseph Kimanlando vs. Philemon Mshiu                                              1968/138

Joseph Lawrence Mchara vs. R.                                                         1967/274

Joseph s/o Mburi vs.R.                                                                        1967/408

Joseph Michael vs. R.                                                                         1968/435

Joseph Selemani vs. R.                                                                      1968/444A

Josephat Kabijengo vs Laurian Kyoka                                                1968/124

Joshwa s/o Motiya & Mangit s/o Motiya vs. R.                                     1968/311

Juma Alibax Said vs. R.                                                                      1967/383

Juma s/o Abdallah  vs. R.                                                                    1967/396

Juma s/o Athumani vs. R.                                                                    1968/197

Juma s/o Faranani vs. R.                                                                     1967/19

Juma s/o Kisunda  vs. Hema s/o Mjie                                                  1967/322

Juma s/o Masudi vs. R.                                                                        1968/109

Juma s/o Muhumpa vs. R                                                                    1968/115

Juma s/o Ramadhani vs. R.                                                                1968/147

Juma s/o Saidi vs. R.                                                                           1967/78

Juma s/o Saidi vs R.                                                                            1967/391

Juma Swalehe vs. R.                                                                          1967/391

Jumane & Ali  s/o  Hamisi vs. R.                                                         1967/278

Jumane s/o Masudu vs. R.                                                                  1967/307

Jumanne Dumwala vs. R.                                                                    1968/437

Jumanne Juma vs. R.                                                                          1968/304

Jumanne Yamulung t/a Citizen Club vs. C.K. Matemba, t/a

                 Metumba & Co.                                                                  1968/118

Jyantilal  Lavji Kara Shah vs. R.                                                           1968/328



Kabusu Mtogori vs. Wambura Nyamaisa                                             1968/26

Kagaba s/o Mikaliha vs. Dandila d/o Biguma                                       1967/428

Kahema s/o Mkwe vs. R.                                                                      1968/435A

Kahumbila Mgalula vs. R.                                                                    1967/100

Kakengele Msagikwa vs. R.                                                                1967/43

Kamando Mahinyira vs. R.                                                                  1967/149

Kamili Sambulu vs. R.                                                                         1967/146

Kanifiun  Odero vs. Nelons Ongina                                                     1968/342



Kantibhai C. Patel vs. Gulamhussein Bros.                                         1968/293

Kantibhai C. Patel vs. Gulamhussein Bros.                                         1968/463A

Kapasyu s/o Mwaipunga vs. Mwendilemo s/o Mwaikyusa                  1968/88

Kaneo Kisabasu Tills vs. R.                                                                 1967/101

Karoli Kanwa vs. Yustinian Mpinzire                                                    1968/86

Kasunga  Mwaikitalina vs. Kituidisya Mapata                                      1968/210.

Kasuli & Densi s/o Sanziki vs. R.                                                         1968/113 

Katabazi s/o Kahurananga vs. R                                                         1968/361

Kataliche s/o John vs. R.                                                                     1967/367

Katamba s/o Mwaisunga vs. R.                                                            1967/58

Kawagere s/o Muhinda vs. Josephina s/o (sic) Buhirame                   1968/9

Khadija d/o  Abdallah vs. Saidi Omari                                                  1968/249

Khetiani vs. The New India Insurance Co. Ltd.                                    1968/402

Kibwana Salehe vs. R.                                                                         1968/391

Kidele s/o Juma vs. Thomas s/o Shenkunde                                       1968/458A

Kidevu Msese vs. R.                                                                            1967/303

Kidukila d/o Alli vs. Rashidi  s/o Rashid                                               1967/164

Kijana  s/o Mlinda vs. Ezekiel s/o Luka                                                1968/404

Kikale s/o Mwaikajunga vs. Enos s/o Mwaikambo                               1967/281

Killungi Coffee Estate Ltd. & Panyiotis Preketa vs.Jyantilal

             Narbheram Gandoha                                                              1968/399

Kinionge Mwalimu vs. Kavuli Ngoma                                                  1968/348

Kinou s/o Msengi vs. R.                                                                       1968/469A

Kipung’etich Arap Korir vs. R.                                                             1967/394

Kirisa s/o Kitentera vs. Patiri d/o  Magesa                                           1968/254

Kisema Ndutu vs.Masholo Mishiga                                                     1968/8

Kishan Singh Sandoo-The Bankrupt vs. Mokund Ram Aggrawal       1968/25

Kishorilal Dhamiran Aggarwal vs. R.                                                   1968/331

Kitenge s/o Kisonge  vs. R.                                                                 1968/294

Kitila s/o Tintina vs. R.                                                                         1968/65

Kiyungi s/o Abdukheri vs.R.                                                                 1967/64

Kizengeze s/o Mugamba vs.R.                                                             1967/4

Koba  s/o Joseph vs.R.                                                                       1968/96

Kombo s/o Haji & Ngage vs. R.                                                           1967/225

Kondo s/o Omari vs. R.                                                                       1967/418

Korba s/o Farah vs. R.                                                                        1967/92

Kotak Ltd. vs. Vallabhdas Kco verji                                                     1967/111

Kotak Ltd vs. Vallabhdas Koo verji                                                      1968/386

Kuthum Ally Kara vs. Yassin Omar                                                     1968/340

Kumbata Hahimbo vs. Kumbala Mugendi                                           1967/54

Bi Kyobalichwa  vs. Bi. Baikiliza Kamugisha                                       1968/248



Ladislane s/o Lukari vs, R.                                                                    1968/112

Lalji Naran vs. United Construction Co. Ltd.                                         1968/403

Lameck Bundala vs. R.                                                                         1968/54

Lalji Makanji Karanja vs. The Commissioner of Income Tax               1967/438

Laurant Ochola vs. Tembo Odoyo                                                        1968/19

Laurean Baitu vs. Stanslaus Tibenda                                                   1968/410

Laurian Kahokwe vs. R.                                                                        1967/147

Lawrence Kagumku Mubungi vs. R.                                                     1967/295

Leo Abora vs.R.                                                                                    1967/240

Leo Mkasu vs. Salum Mohamed El-Shukery                                        1968/408A

Leo s/o Pigangoma vs. R.                                                                     1967/131

Leonard s/o Fue vs. R.                                                                         1968/283

Leonard Karomba vs.Mustafa Buhorwa                                               1968/131

Leonard Kasiko  vs.R.                                                                          1968/45

Leonard Makanya vs. Nimwinda d/o Pue                                              1967/377

Lehman’s (E.A) Ltd vs. R. Lehman & Co. Ltd                                       1968/77

Lakole s/o Mengwa vs. R.                                                                     1967/397

Leshalon s/o Ncosha vs. R.                                                                   1968/62

Lesindamu Kinawanama vs. Nobani Shila                                            1968/78

Likuna Omari vs. Adamu Ntondo                                                           1968/289

Limango s/o Shomari vs. R.                                                                  1968/67

Limbu s/o Kiloshimba vs. R.                                                                  1967/65

Lohnro Ltd. vs. Alexandre Tryphon Donbeniotis                                   1967/237

Lucas s/o Gangaye vs. R.                                                                     1968/226

Ludivico s/o Kishabu vs. R.                                                                   1967/194

Lugenya s/o Mila vs. R.                                                                         1967/66

Lulu s/o Titu vs. R.                                                                                 1968/330

Luth d/o Nkotwa vs. Nova s/o Mwandumbya                                         1967/161

Lwelanda s/o Benane vs. R.                                                                  1968438A




Mabula Masota Charles vs. R.                                                              1968/238

Machibya Magida vs. R.                                                                       1967/257

Mackneyo Kingu s/o Nakala vs. R.                                                       1968/105

Madole Mbichi vs. Makongoro Nyamwaji                                              1968/28

Magahe Kisanda vs. R.                                                                        1967/83

Magati s/o Mchoya vs. R.                                                                     1968/375

Magobe Mkale vs. Gembe Kanoni                                                      1967/430

Magwa s/o Juma vs. R.                                                                       1967/31

Magibo Makaba vs. R.                                                                         1968/301

Mahende Isauchu vs. R.                                                                      1968/422

Makafu Nyamrunda vs. Muga Okande                                                 1968/83




Makasi German vs. R.                                                                         1968/297

Makubi s/o Wana vs. R.                                                                       1968/363

Makunya s/o Njarangi vs. R.                                                                1967/144

Malika s/o Kabendera vs. R.                                                                1968/433

Malolela s/o Ngimbe vs. Chiseo Chimali                                              1967/334

Manager, Tank Building Contractors                                                   1967/395

Mandwa Koshona vs. R.                                                                      1967/361

Maneno s/o Salum vs. R.                                                                     1968/419

Marisuku Mohan Mawji vs. R.                                                              1968/51

Manyoni Witate vs. Palapala Kakoro                                                   1967/86

Mapera s/o Sandegyu vs. R.                                                                1967/90

Marcus Leopold Lupembe vs. R.                                                         1967/190

Maria Theresa Chiu vs. Vana Shiu Muig                                             1968/251

Martin Bikonyoro vs. Celestin Kaokola                                                1968/87

Martin Kamau vs. R.                                                                            1968/442A

Martin Mlasani vs.R.                                                                            1968/101

Martin Mwanga vs Essak Esmail & Sons                                            1968/352

Martin Mwiyula vs. R.                                                                          1967/137

Martin Senzota vs. R.                                                                          1967/80

Mariambai Rajabali and John P. Curtis                                               1968/120

Marwa Kibahi vs. Thomas Nyangi                                                       1968/90

Marwa Nyirunga vs. R.                                                                        1967/358

Bi. Mary w/o Bilauri vs Calist Bilauri                                                    1968/412A

Masika s/o Nusurupia vs. R.                                                               1968/313

Masika s/o Nusurupia vs. R.                                                               1968/263

Mary Matemba vs C.K. Matenba                                                       1968/252

Masaiti Magessa  vs. R.                                                                     1967/344

Masalu Mpiwa vs. R.                                                                           1967/123

Masemu s/o Butiki vs. R.                                                                     1967/81

Maseuba Musile vs. Sahe Balalu                                                        1968/202

Masera Mwita vs. Matilo Muhahe                                                        1968/450A

Masuko Kerera vs Marwa Nyauonke                                                    1967/436

Maswi s/o Wambura vs. Ryoba s/o Muhono                                        1968/85

Matenyanu s/o Nzagula vs. R.                                                             1968/420

Matheo Marere vs R.                                                                            1967/316

Mathias s/o Kajara vs. R.                                                                    1967/242

Matride d/o Rukonge vs. Mwita Nyantumutwa                                    1968/4

Matonya Chima vs. R.                                                                         1967/98

Mayagila s/o Shina vs. R.                                                                    1967/62

Mbaruku Ndima vs. R.                                                                         1967/212

Mbushi s/o Maganga vs. R.                                                                 1968/269

Mchelengwanyingi s/o Masala vs.R.                                                   1968/370




Meliki s/o Mayala vs. R.                                                                       1968/376

Mendoza N.J.M.vs. R.                                                                         1967/206

Mesa s/o Mwakakobe vs. Lijumbete s/o Kasyama                              1967/437

Meta Tehera vs. Isakwe Rongaya                                                       1967/119

M.G.Pardhan vs. Ali Mohamed Osman                                               1968/462A

M.H.Iskander, Dr., vs. R.                                                                     1967/153

Michael Y. Nungzwa vs. R.                                                                  1967/25

Michael Zephania vs. R.                                                                      1967/218

Miderege s/o Bemeye vs. R.                                                               1968/74

Mipaa Masenga s/o Mananjimia vs. R.                                               1968/265

Misango s/o Semuba vs. R.                                                                1967/133

Mkhandi Ghumpi vs. Fatuma Salim                                                    1967/284

Mkonongo Moto vs. Monjelwa Sangasi                                               1967/328

Mkwe s/o Lakimoja vs. R.                                                                    1967/372

Mnonya M.S. vs. Ali Abdallah                                                              1967/379

Modest @ Bishingwe vs. R.                                                                 1968/360

Mohamedi s/o Ally vs. Amina d/o Saidi                                               1967/287

Mohamed s/o Abdallah vs. R.                                                             1967/360

Mohamed Hemed Kakopo vs. R.                                                         1967/341

Mohamed s/o Issa vs. R.                                                                     1968/262

Mohamed s/o Mzee vs. R.                                                                   1968/148

Mohamed Ngoyani vs. Mtumwa Dodo                                                1967/114

Mohamed s/o Saidi vs. R.                                                                    1967/385

Mohamed s/o Saidi vs. R.                                                                    1968/473A

Mohamed Salum vs. R.                                                                       1968/151

Mohamed Stambuli vs.Mwanaharusi Selemani                                   1968/357

Mohamed Yusufu vs. Tunda Kassim                                                   1968/447A

Mohamedali Virji Walji vs. Shinynga AfricanTrading Co.Ltd               1968/401

Mohamedi s/o Salum vs. Salehe Mtakata                                           1968/456A

Mohans vs. A.G.Virjee                                                                         1967/112

Monanka Nyamweli vs. R                                                                    1968/217

Morison s/o Shem vs. R.                                                                     1968/417

Moses s/o Kalamu vs. R.                                                                     1967/151

Moshi d/o Rajabu vs. R.                                                                      1967/384

Moshua s/o Mduru vs. R.                                                                    1968/227

Moshilicki s/o Mediri vs. R.                                                                  1968/261

Mrisho s/o Pazi vs. Tatu d/o Juma                                                      1968/119

Mrisho s/o Seffu vs. R.                                                                        1968/140

Mshamu Omari vs. R.                                                                         1968/326

Msine Ludivico s/o Niganya vs. R.                                                      1967/201

Msengi s/o Kiula vs. R.                                                                       1968/179


Msengwa s/o Mnyellele vs. R.                                                             1968/431A

Mtatiro Mwita vs. Mwita Mariana                                                         1968/82

Mtatiro Waiyage vs. R.                                                                        1967/68

Mtematuku s/o Mlima  vs. R.                                                                1968/108

Mngaya Marwa vs. Shona Goro                                                          1968/130

Muhumudu s/o Kibwana vs. R.                                                           1968/186

Bi Mukagilaya Bitasimbile vs. Raphael s/o Rubili                                1968/349

Mukeku Mtisu vs. R.                                                                            1968/97

Mulewa s/o Chilongani vs. Ngalya s/o Mulewa                                   1967/422

Munyaga Wagokwa vs. Mulinga Katama                                            1968/7

Musa s/o Bakari vs. R.                                                                        1968/239

Musa s/o Kiumbe vs. R                                                                       1967/202

Musa s/o Makono  vs. Rehema d/o Hassani                                       1967/159

Musa s/o Mgonjwa vs. R.                                                                    1968/108

Musa s/o Thomas vs. R.                                                                     1968/439A

Mussa s/o Abdallah  vs. R.                                                                  1967/415

Mussa Ali Mahambi vs. R.                                                                   1968/157

Mussa s/o Hassana vs. R.                                                                  1967/262

Mussa s/o Gungachuma Panga Massai vs. R.                                    1968/468A

Mussa s/o Kandege vs. R.                                                                  1968/398

Musua d/o Shumbi  vs. R.                                                                   1968/222

Mutesiga Mpohi vs. Felician Rasheho Barthazal                                1968/453A

Mwaja s/o Mkomawanyu vs. Mazengo s/o Ndungu                            1968/122

Mwanaibu d/o Ramadhani vs. R                                                         1968/472A

Mwantanga binti Selemani vs. Dougulas Jay Meleck                         1968/466A

Mwindino s/o Mohamed vs R.                                                             1967/386

Mwita Mecha vs. Mary Wangai d/o Wemra                                         1967/432

Mzee Hamisi vs. Shabani Songe                                                        1967/236

Mzee Walipesa vs. Rajabu Ngayo                                                      1968/24

Mzee s/o Selemani vs. R.                                                                   1968/364

Mwanachi Engineering & Contracting Co. Ltd vs. S.N.Teja                1968/213



Naisikiye s/o Lalemone vs. Mbaya s/o Kikayo                                    1967/116

Namaini K.K. vs. R.                                                                             1967/138

Nanji Gangji Alidina vs Globe Merchantile Corp. Ltd.                          1967/157

Nanji Trading Co, Ltd. vs. Suryakant  & Bros.                                     1967427

Nanyanji vs. Mwanaarafa s/o Mwenyimanzi                                       1967/42

Nitin Coffee Estate Ltd. vs. Naram Mistry                                           1968/117

Nathanel Ijukaire vs. Martin Kalokola                                                  1967/85

National & Grindlays Bank Ltd. vs. Mohamedali Shariff                      1968/379

Nasoro Asumani vs. R                                                                         1967/182



Nasoro Mohamed vs. R.                                                                      1967/446

Nassoro s/o Sadiki & Mosh s/o Sadiki vs. R.                                       1968/334

Ndanivyanje s/o Burauhusainye vs. Yusufu Barakabifse                    1968/415A

Ndayanyi s/o Lucas vs. R.                                                                    1967/85

Ndesario s/o Yose Kaaya vs. R.                                                          1968/245

Ndewingia s/o Paulo vs. R.                                                                  1968/41

Ndewawiosia d/o Ndeamtzo vs. Imannuel s/o Malesi                          1968/127

New India Insurance Co. Ltd. vs. Ali Foto                                           1968/455A

Ndaida Msasu vs. Rajabu  Hanai                                                        1968/16

Ngaliha s/o Soli vs. R.                                                                         1967/104

Ngoliki s/o Mpulula vs. R                                                                     1968/231

Ngongoseke s/o Mwangalanzi vs. R.                                                  1967/258

Ngoye s/o Kwakila vs. Ndemeye s/o Kihampa                                    1967/39

Ngulila s/o Mwakanyemba vs.R.                                                         1968/314

Nhombe s/o Mbulangwa vs. Chibaya s/o Mbuyape                            1967/378

Nikura binti Mbwana vs. El Buhriy Kitabu Cha  Nihiki                         1967/232

National Bank of Commerce vs. Yusuf Hussein Alidina                      1968/445A

N.J. Amin Ltd. vs. V.B.Patel & Co. Ltd.                                               1968/256

Njole Sandanda vs. R                                                                          1968/258

Noorally Hasham Ramji vs. Julias Kerenge                                         1968/413

N. R. Ladak & Sons vs. R.                                                                   1968/424A

Ntibabara s/o Mwalcha vs. R.                                                              1968/419A

Nuru s/o Ayubu vs. R.                                                                          1968/279

Nwisoma Alli Hussein Nyamahaka vs. R.                                            1968/181

Nyabilimo Andrea vs. R.                                                                      1967/345

Nyagolira Ginonge vs.Chagha Gosaye                                               1968/409

Nyakasara Kilimo vs. Marwa Mwita                                                     1968/6

Nyaku s/o Ntandu vs. R.                                                                      1968/56

Nyamato d/o Mkama vs.R.                                                                   1967/356

Nyamhanga Chacha vs. Chacha Mang’asa                                        1968/94

Nyamhanga Wausanga  vs. Mkami Bange                                         1968/408

Nyamosi Asao vs. R.                                                                           1967/251

Nyanditi d/o Makori vs. Wichoka Masanja                                           1967/323

Nyasi s/o Aloys vs. R.                                                                          1968/69

Nyungwi s/o Nhamhali vs. Bozzi s/o Lyangholo                                  1968/203

Nziku d/o Nalimu vs. Mayila Kamanda                                                1968/451A



Official Receiver vs. Mokund Raru Aggawal                                        1968/407A

Olerivan s/o Mollel vs. R.                                                                     1967/259

Omari s/o Kanyonge vs. Oure Oruchi                                                 1968/406

Omari s/o Juma Mkindo vs. R.                                                             1968/441A




Omari s/o Mussa Msusa vs. R.                                                            1968/99

Omari s/o Mwendifwa  vs. R.                                                               1967/304

Omari Saidi vs. R.                                                                               1967/142

Omolo s/o Omolo vs. Okengo s/o Obuto                                            1968/2

Omoro Nyagierere vs. Matitiro Machango                                           1967/283

Onesmus. M. Ngowi vs. Modesta Nhigula                                           1967/292

Onorato Della Sauta t/a New  Phenix  Restaurant vs. Michael

               George Seohdoulis                                                              1968/380

Oscar Mwambola vs. R.                                                                       1968/441

Oscar Jones Mwambola vs. R.                                                            1968/423A

Ottoman Bank, The vs. Farrah Inc. S.A                                               1968/356

Ottoman Bank, The, vs. Hanna Gaui                                                   1968/385

Otto s/o Miller vs.R.                                                                              1968/393



Pancras Elias vs. Gretian Pancras & Another                                      1968/411

Pangras Kamandu Mbunda vs. R.                                                       1967/401

Pangras s/o Liprima vs. R.                                                                   1968/178

Pascal Joseph Mlay vs. Anthony Phoneas                                          1968/1

Paschal s/o Nzalaniko vs. R.                                                               1967/366

Paskale s/o Stephano vs. R.                                                                1968/196

Paskazia  d/o Bwahama vs. Alloys Cyrilo                                            1967/117

Patel vs. International Motor Mart                                                        1968/403A

Patiri d/o Magesa vs. Kirisa s/o Kitentera                                            1968/254

Patrick s/o Isango vs. R.                                                                      1967/442

Patrick s/o Taumba vs. R.                                                                    1967/252

Paul Joseph vs. Nkoka Kulwa                                                              1968/250

Paul T. Msibi vs. R.                                                                              1968/64

Paulo Ferdinand vs.  Fungeuce Bigutu                                                1968/29

Paulo John Iddy vs. Mashauri Milanga                                                1968/5

Paulo Joseph vs. R.                                                                             1967/340

Paulo Kajima vs. R.                                                                              1967/318

Paulo Kemigani vs. R.                                                                          1968/426

Paulo Kihani vs. R.                                                                               1967/350

Paulo Kulola vs. R.                                                                               1968/332

Paulo s/o Mwanyiti vs. R.                                                                     1967/187

Paulo s/o Nzuri vs. Pius Koroso                                                           1968/452A

Paulo Tamvule vs. R.                                                                           1967/126

Paulo s/o Vincent vs. R.                                                                       1968/436A

Peter John vs. R.                                                                                  1967/183

Peter John Burt vs. Christine Hassnoot  Burt.                                      1968/382

Peter s/o Kasenha vs. R.                                                                     1967/338





Peter Mashauri vs. R.                                                                           1968/91

Peter s/o Mutabuzi  vs. R.                                                                    1968/149

Peter Mwamsula vs. Amulike Mwamasika                                           1967/285

Peter S. Shirima vs. Latito Kirikangovi                                                 1967/426

Petro s/o Kihisi vs. R.                                                                           1967/289

Petro Kinani vs. Bi Dariagums                                                              1968/460A

Petro Masani Ausi vs. R.                                                                      1968/437A

Petro s/o Sang’undi vs. R.                                                                    1968/40

Pius M. Monyo vs. Julius Brashi                                                          1968/449A

Pius M. Konyo vs. R.                                                                            1967/392

Pius s/o Zacharia vs. R.                                                                       1967/256



R. vs. Abala                                                                                         1967/23

R. vs. Abdallahamid s/o Dalyusufu                                                      1967/244

R. vs. Abdallah  Mohamed                                                                   1967/352

R. vs. Abdallah Selemani & Mshwahili Selemani                                1967/354

R. vs. Alex Goswino Liengela                                                              1967/249

R. vs. Ali s/o Nassoro                                                                          1967/109

R. vs. Alistaliki s/o Masumbuku                                                           1967/343

R. vs. Alli s/o Saidi                                                                              1967/364

R. vs. Alfonce Paul                                                                              1967/353

R. vs. Ally John                                                                                   1967/24

R. vs. Ally Kage                                                                                   1967/132

R. vs. Amani Zephania Kimweri                                                          1968/50

R. vs. Amosi s/o Mwakisitu                                                                  1967/185

R. vs. Andrea s/o Katwera                                                                   1967/110

R. vs. Andrea Msafiri                                                                           1967/450

R. vs. Atanasi s/o Kawuwu                                                                  1968/30

R. vs. Athumani Ali                                                                              1867/20

R. vs. Athumani Mlia                                                                           1967/198

R. vs. Athumani Selemani                                                                   1967/210

R. vs. Atupelye d/o Ludivico                                                                1967/389

R. vs. August Mawinga                                                                        1967/17

R. vs. Belan s/o Samson                                                                     1967/393

R. vs. Calboake Camarasingha                                                           1967/143

R. vs. Cephas s/o Simon                                                                     1967/136

R. vs. Chama Magine                                                                          1967/69

R. vs. Charles Kiteleaya                                                                      1967/204

R. vs. Chrisant Kalo                                                                             1967/267

R. vs. Christopher s/o Ngembilo                                                         196/388

R. vs. Clemant s/o Mbella                                                                   1968/31





R. vs. Cosmas Patrick Chanda                                                            1968/111

R. vs. Daniel Sinsirimwezi                                                                    1968/106

R. vs. Danison  s/o Simbacungile                                                         1967/71

R. vs. Dodo Bakari                                                                                1967/211

R. vs. Donough J. Mahon                                                                     1967/351

R. vs. D’sai                                                                                           1967/30

R. vs. Ernest Telega                                                                            1967/121

R. vs. Esta Ikumboga                                                                           1967/447

R. vs. Evadi s/o Sylvester                                                                    1967/130

R. vs. Fideli Nyembe                                                                           1968/34

R. vs. Fimbo s/o Lawio                                                                        1967/140

R. vs. Francis s/o Ngumbo                                                                  1968/103

R. vs. Gordon Masita                                                                           1968/107

R. vs. Green Mwanaigwa                                                                     1967/265

R. vs. Halfani Reli Kapile                                                                      1967/2

R. vs. Haruna Ibrahim                                                                          1967/76

R. vs. Hassani Omari Hassani                                                             1967/139

R. vs. Hassani H. Dewji                                                                       1967/349

R. vs. Iddi Noel.                                                                                   1967/195

R. vs. Issa Jakala vs. R.                                                                      1968/100

R. vs. Jssumail s/o Hamisi                                                                   1967/8

R. vs. Jaffari s/o Musa                                                                         1967/299

R. vs. Jani s/o Esmaili                                                                         1967/336

R .vs. James s/o Sulu                                                                          1967/141

R. vs. Joha s/o Mdachi                                                                        1967/355

R. vs. John s/o Augustine                                                                    1967/61

R. vs. John s/o Mshindo                                                                       1967/199

R. vs. John Muselewa                                                                          1967/145

R. vs. John Wima           

R. vs. Joseph Michel                                                                           1967/253

R. vs. Juma s/o Abdalla                                                                       1968/36

R. vs. Juma s/o Masudi                                                                       1968/109

R. vs. Juma Mfalasau                                                                          1967/363

R. vs. Juma Mohamed                                                                         1967/306

R. vs. Juma Muhumpa                                                                         1968/115

R. vs. Justin Ngwaulangwa                                                                  1967/269

R. vs. Kasuli & Deusi s/o Sanziki                                                         1968/113

R. vs. Kinumeu Meuridi                                                                       1967/311

R. vs. Ladislane s/o Lukasi                                                                  1968/112

R. vs. Koba s/o Joseph                                                                        1968/96

R. vs. Lokordilo s/o Manyanga                                                            1967/13






R. vs. Lucas Fatungisha                                                                      1967/263

R. vs. Mackneyo Kuigu                                                                        1968/105

R. vs. Macdonald Lenge                                                                      1967/247

R. vs. Magagania s/o Tunda                                                                1967/261

R. vs. Mansuku Mohan Mawji                                                              1968/51

R. vs. Martin Mlasani                                                                           1968/101

R. vs. Masanja Zango                                                                         1967/214

R. vs. Mazumbuko  Lengisia                                                                1967/77

R. vs. Mathew Andrew                                                                        1967/105

R. vs. Marko Matoto                                                                            1967/270

R. vs. Maulidi s/o Yusufu                                                                     1967/70

R. vs. Mgoma s/o Makunya                                                                 1967/106

R. vs. Milango s/o Misoji                                                                     1967/96

R. vs. Mley s/o Kinyamali                                                                    1967/342

R vs. Mohamed (Werema) s/o Ntari                                                    1967/301

R. vs. Moris Kamanya                                                                         1967/208

R. vs. Mulengelu s/o Hahambie                                                           1967/391

R. vs. Musa Issa Mkokowa                                                                 1967/402

R. vs. Nanji Kara                                                                                 1967/74

R. vs. Ngado d/o Mwakalunga                                                            1967/300

R. vs. Nicholaus David Matota                                                            1967/439

R. vs. Nsea s/o Loti                                                                             1967/217

R. vs. Nrikumana Chizanya                                                                  1967/15

R. vs. Omari s/o Hassani                                                                    1967/200

R. vs. Patrice Matata                                                                           1967/413

R. vs. Pauni Nasinda                                                                          1967/207

R. vs. Petro s/o Kikamala                                                                    1967/127

R. vs. Rafel Mbaga                                                                               1967/387

R. vs. Rafael Alphonce                                                                        1967/197

R. vs. Raphael Lameck                                                                       1967/27

R. vs. Raphael Yohanas                                                                      1967/9

R. vs. Remigius Bakari                                                                        1967/203

R. vs. Revocultus s/o Nsolo                                                                1967/315

R. vs. Rutema Nzungu                                                                        1967/445

R. vs. Saidi s/o Abdallah                                                                     1967/209

R. vs. Saidi Hussein                                                                            1967/260

R. vs. Saidi Tatoo                                                                                1967/277

R. vs. Salimu Hassani                                                                         1967/382      

R. vs. Sefu Abdulla                                                                              1967/16  

R. vs. Semberit s/o Magun Kassembero                                            1967/95

R. vs. Shahani Hamisi                                                                         1967/135

R. vs. Tanga African Motor Transport                                                 1967/28





R. vs. Teodosio s/o Alifa                                                                      1967/216

R. vs. Thomas s/o Mfaume                                                                   1967/18

R. vs. Ugwiisu Mwasokwa                                                                   1967/411

R. vs. Usumau s/o Mpangani                                                               1967/390

R. vs. William s/o Gahagumbi                                                              1967/82

R. vs. Yahaya Mohamedi                                                                    1967/308

R. vs. Lehman & Co. Ltd. vs. Lehmans (E.A.) Ltd.                              1968/77

Rajabu Abdalla vs. R.                                                                          1967/416

Rajabu s/o Athumani vs. R.                                                                 1967/449

Rajabu s/o Mahanga vs. R.                                                                 1968/102

Rajabu s/o Marijani vs. Hadija s/o Saidi                                              1967/43

Rajabu s/o Mohamed vs. R.                                                                1968/68

Ramadhani Alli vs. R.                                                                          1968/191

Ramadhani s/o Athumani vs. R.                                                          1968/110

Ramadhani s/o Masudi vs. R.                                                              1967/32

Ramadhani s/o Saidi vs. R.                                                                 1968/343

Ramadhani Tendwa vs. R.                                                                  1968/184

Ramlal Pandit vs. R.                                                                            1968/317

Range Chacha vs. Elias Nyirahu                                                         1967/115

Raphael Kasindo vs. Bi Bagonzi d/o Kasindo                                      1968/291

Rashidi s/o Mashaka vs. R                                                                  1968/276

Rashidi s/o Hamisi vs. R.                                                                     1967/189

Rashidi s/o Hamisi vs. R.                                                                    1967/310

Rasimini s/o Yasini vs. R.                                                                    1968/436

Rashidi Mohamed vs. R.                                                                     1968/369

Rashidi s/o Omari vs. R.                                                                      1968/418

Rashidi s/o Omari vs. R.                                                                      1968/296

Rashidi s/o Ramadhani vs. R.                                                             1968/323

Rashidi Shimie vs. R.                                                                          1968/315

Rominiselle s/o Elisawo vs. R.                                                            1967/75

Reventinato Totinate Mangisto vs. R.                                                 1968/154

Revocate s/o Pascal vs. R.                                                                 1968/35

R. F. Mboya vs Merwa Singh Mangat                                                 1968/446A

Riddock Motors Ltd. vs. Ahmed Okash                                               1968/170

Robert B. Lugackingira vs. Leornard F. Luckangira                            1967/163

Robert s/o Nyangange vs.                                                                   1967/26

Romani Alfred vs. R.                                                                           1968/215

Robinson s/o Piti vs. R.                                                                       1968/264

Rukondo s/o Kamano vs. R.                                                                1968/48

Rusebe Sweya vs. Jacob Kitale                                                          1968/407








Sahayaga Farmers Cooperative Ltd. vs. Anthony Mwita                    1968/354

Safiani s/o Shahani vs. R.                                                                    1968/281

Saidi Ali vs. R.                                                                                     1967/94

Saidi Aleiko  vs. Mwatatu d/o Ibrahim                                                              1967/50

Saidi Mohamed Geshi vs. Hamadi Rashidi                                         1967/73

Saidi Abdallah vs. R.                                                                            1967/266

Saidi Ali Mandai vs. R.                                                                         1967/14

Saidi Ally vs. R.                                                                                     1968/198

Saidi Bakari Kionywaki vs. R.                                                               1967/443

Saidi Juma vs. R.                                                                                 1968/158

Saidi Kasongo vs. R.                                                                           1967/150

Saidi Mtondo vs. R.                                                                              1967/46

Saidi Meke vs. R.                                                                                 1967/37

Saidi Omari vs. Khadija d/o Abdallah                                                   1968/249

Saidi s/o Rajabu vs. R.                                                                        1967/184

Saidi Sefu vs. Aidan A. Mwambeta                                                     1967/180

Saidi s/o Yusufu vs. R.                                                                         1968/60

Saidi Ramadhani vs. Miriam Ikung                                                      1967/160

Salada Tofiki vs. Hamisi Waziri Mwenda                                             1968/171

Salehe s/o Kassim vs. R.                                                                     1968/366

Salum Haruna vs. R.                                                                           1968/37

Salum Mohamed                                                                                  1968/98

Salum s/o Salum vs. R.                                                                        1968/142

Salumu s/o Rashid vs. Hadija d/o Abdallah                                         1967/154

Sambwe Mwakiluka vs. Andrew Mwakamsole                                    1967/87

Samson s/o Karuwana vs. R.                                                              1967/317

Samuel  Shadrack Machango vs. Tubidas Naranda’s Morjaria           1968/22

Samwel  s/o Baruni vs. R.                                                                   1967/337

Samwel s/o John vs. R.                                                                       1967/294

Samwel s/o Komba vs. R.                                                                   1967/60

Samwel Mwendawano vs. R.                                                               1967/451

Sanga vs. Sanga                                                                                 1968/414A

Sangi Manyenyi vs. R.                                                                         1968/47

Sangwa Ndelele vs. R.                                                                        1968/298

Sardar  Mohamed vs. R.                                                                      1968/388

Sarukele Kazobwako vs. Ntakajela                                                     1967/375

Sitima Clumbe vs. Luhi Marassi                                                          1967/330

Sayale s/o Seliani vs. R.                                                                     1968/243

Selemani Alkani vs. R.                                                                        1968/233

Selemani Athumani vs. R                                                                    1968/424

Selemani s/o Dadi vs. Lata d/o Ali                                                       1968/23





Selemani s/o Hoti vs. Iddi s/o Omari                                                    1967/282

Selemani Rashidi vs. R.                                                                      1968/70

Semdoup s/o Melita vs. R.                                                                   1968/230

Shauri s/o Dighis vs. Mohe s/o Dighis                                                 1968/344

Shabani Furia vs. Lokila Maura                                                           1967/280

Shabani s/o Ismael vs. R.                                                                   1968/214

Shabani Mnasasi vs. Hassani Mcharo                                                1967/329

Shabani Mvutakamba vs. R.                                                               1967/97

Shabani Nassor vs. Rajabu Simba                                                      1967/233

Shah Ali vs. R.                                                                                     1968/434A

Shamshudin Kassam Vibji vs. R.                                                        1967/10

Sheikh Kassim Suleman vs. Ayubu Kanigila                                       1968/79

Shendakaji s/o Makwayo vs. R.                                                           1968/232

Share Kimboka vs. R.                                                                          1968/52

Shila s/o Mchomba vs. R.                                                                    1968/39

Shinyanga African Trading Co. Ltd. vs. Mohdali Virji Walji                 1968/401

Shomari Kitimu vs. Kambi Selemani                                                   1967/170

Sidori Francis  vs. R.                                                                           1968/362

Sigismund s/o Heremenigrid vs. R.                                                     1967/297

Sita s/o Mayoyi vs. Mululu s/o Nhambali                                            1968/201

Silvester s/o Malicel vs. R.                                                                   1968/141

Simeon Osita vs. Adriunus Sarere                                                      1968/21

Simon s/o Gadu vs. R.                                                                        1968/425A

Simon Joseph vs. R.                                                                           1968/426A

Simon Kashumale vs. Leornard Mutajiraha                                        1968/135

Simon s/o Mkoma, Mark s/o, Masisila, Francis s/o Miramba vs. R.  1968/387

Simon Robert vs. R.                                                                            1967/417

Sisti Nganga vs. R.                                                                              1968/282

Sixtus s/o Anini vs. R.                                                                         1967/6

Songo d/o Musoma vs. R.                                                                   1968/32

Standard Bank Ltd. vs. John Bibiano Fernandes                                1967/332

South India Corp Private Ltd. vs. H.J. Stanley                                    1968/336

South India Corp. (Travancore) Private Ltd. vs. H. J. Stanley            1967/168

Sosthenes s/o Kagyabukana vs. Theobald Kagyabukana                  1968/337

Stanley Mnzava vs. Hulda John                                                          1968/253

Stephen s/o Mwinga vs. R.                                                                  1968/225

Stephen Kagatula vs. R.                                                                      1968/434

Stephen Afred vs. William Afred.                                                        1968/116



Taj Mohamed vs. The City Council of Dar es Salaam                         1968/247






Taj Mohamed vs. The City Council of Dar es Salaam                         1968/287

Tanganyika Tegry  Plastics Ltd. vs. B. Sirley & Co. Ltd.                      1968/290

Tanzania Exhibitors Ltd. vs. Karimbhai Hassanali Adamjee

               Jariwalla                                                                               1968/404A

Tatu d/o Juma vs. Mrisho s/o Pazi                                                      1968/119

Tatu Selemani vs. Cosata                                                                   1967/288

Bi Temalilwa d/o Bijumi vs. Bernardino Baitilwake                              1968/359

Terewaeli W. Swai vs. Elingaya w/o Terewaeli                                   1968/208

T.C.Harley vs. R.                                                                                 1968/156

Thimotheo Timanyika vs. Hassani Timanyika                                     1968/411A

Thomas & Mkiria Ikwabe vs. R.                                                           1968/3

Thomas vs. Thomas                                                                            1967/47

Thomas Ngarumari vs. Stephan Ngarumari                                        1968/163

Thabiti Ngalila vs. R.                                                                           1968/182

Thuma vs. R.                                                                                       1967/35

Tom Abraham Selma Mandara vs. R.                                                 1968/75

Transgen Trust vs. Tanzania Zoisiti Corp. Ltd.                                   1968/461A

Tuhani s/o Ngura vs.R.                                                                        1968/44

Tulali s/o Kisongo vs. R.                                                                      1968/368

Tulsdas Khimji vs. Yusufali Gulamhusein Essaji &Another                 1968/464A

Tuwati s/o  Mzee vs. R.                                                                        1968/42

Twentsche Overseas Trading Co. (Tanzania ) Ltd. vs. East

                    Africa Cycle Corp.                                                           1968/27



Uburial Titita Msuja vs. R.                                                                    1967/254

Ujagar Singh vs. The Mbeya Cooperative Union                                1968/173

Umoja Printer vs. Hamisi Mlezi                                                            1968/350

United Bus Service Ltd. Co. vs. The New India Insurance Co. Ltd     1968/346

United Construction Co. Ltd. vs. Lalji Naran                                       1968/403

Upendra Manibhai Patel vs. R.                                                            1967/400



Valentine Makwaba vs. Maxmillan  Mwingura                                     1968/409A

Vendelin s/o John Costa vs. R.                                                           1968/190

Verdiana Kyabuye & Others vs. Gregory Kyabuye                             1968/459A

Volter Hopp vs. R.                                                                               1967/91



Walimu Jilala vs. John Mongo                                                             1968/81

Wambura Chacha vs. R.                                                                     1967/319

Wambura Kirangi vs. R.                                                                        1968/46

Wambura Makindi vs. R.                                                                     1968/38




Wambura Wambahe vs. Karambo Muhoro                                          1967/376

Waukuru d/o Kisuku vs. Kiraki s/o Zwaku                                            1968/121

Wanyang’ura s/o Matuja vs. R.                                                            1968/467A

Warioba s/o Kandoso vs. R.                                                                1967/125

Wandwi s/o Chacha vs. Nyaganane Makoro                                       1968/123

Watson Seafood & Poultry Co. vs. Hassanali Hirji Shariff                   1967/56

Waziri s/o Abdallah vs. R.                                                                    1968/377

William Alfred vs. Stephen Alfred                                                         1968/116

William Kibena vs. R.                                                                          1968/320

Wilfred Asasiana vs. R.                                                                        1968/397

William s/o Nyanda vs. R.                                                                   1967/313

William Msaka vs. R.                                                                           1968/216

William s/o Petro vs. R.                                                                       1968/260

William Ruhai vs. Ruhai vs. Majura Ebwahi                                        1968/207

William Murray vs. Fatehally H.J. Jurji t/a Dar es Salaam

             Car & Commercial House                                                       1968/390

William Stephano and Bilauli Zalula vs. R.                                          1968/428

Wilson s/o Ollo vs. R.                                                                          1968/183



Xaver Haule vs. R.                                                                               1967/302

Xaver s/o Janda vs. R.                                                                        1968/318



Yakobo s/o Mulaki vs. R.                                                                     1967/312

Yau Shiu Ming vs.Maria Theresa Chiri                                                1968/251

Yasini Ramadhani vs. R.                                                                     1968/372

Yohana s/o Kuramaga vs. R.                                                               1967/36

Yuda Yakobo vs. R.                                                                             1967/405

Yustace Mhina Mahita vs. R.                                                               1967/248

Yusufu Kahonga vs. R.                                                                        1968/188

Yusufu Mauriti vs. R.                                                                           1967/410



Zacharia s/o Kasanga vs. R.                                                               1968/66

Zamberi Muga vs. Wanzira Muga                                                       1968/410A

Sephanina s/o Kipande vs. R.                                                             1968/267

Zubaria Mussa vs. Saidi Selemani                                                      1968/17



















ADMINISTRATIVE LAW   (See also; LANDLORD AND TENANT; PUBLIC AUTHORITES) Natural justice – Tribunal may not base decision on knowledge special to it unless placed before parties. 1968/414






See: FAMILY LAW – Parentage.





ALIENS AND NATIONALITY (See also Criminal Index)

Immigration Act.

“African” includes Swahili people 1967/174.

Applicant declared citizen despite prior inconsistent statements. 1967/174.

Burden of proving citizenship on applicant. 1967/174.

“Citizen” defined. 1967/174

“Swahili” defined 1967/174



Appeal out of time

Discretion to hear must be exercised judicially. 1968/116.

Permissible where appellant sick. 1967/115.

Permissible where delay due to absence of advocate.  1968/336.

Permissible where delay due to error of advocate. 1967/279.

Petition denied when filed two years late. 1968/390

Credibility of witnesses

Trial court has little advantage over appeal court where lengthy period between trial and judgment. 1968/390

Trial court  is best judge. 1968/76

Cross – appeal – Copy of decree appealed from must be filed. 1967/153

Dec          appealed from – Failure to produce copy of is fatal. 1967/153

De novo action – Allowed where appellant lacked legal advice and did not know                          of more favourable procedure in primary court. 1968/253

Dismissal of suit in default of appearance – No appeal from. 1968/351.







East Africa Court of Appeal.

            Case originating in primary court – Point of law of general public importance must be at stake. 1967/422

            Cross – appeal – Extension of time allowed where delay due to absence of advocate. 1968/336


            Additional evidence admitted only in exceptional circumstances. 1968/201; 1968/494.

            Additional evidence considered. 1967/429.

            Insufficiency of evidence – Remand for taking additional evidence. 1967/423

Ex parte application – Appeal court cannot vary order of trial court on ex parte

            Application without proper appeal. 1968/78

Ex parte judgement in primary court – Appeal court limited to review of evidence

            On record. 1968/337.

Installment payments of judgement debt – No appeal permitted from order.


Issues of fact – May be reviewed on appeal. 1968/390.

Judgement by consent – Should not be upset on appeal. 1968/80.

Judgement supported by evidence – New trial ordered where irrelevant matters         

            Considered. 1967/112

Limitation period

            Computed from date of judgement not of decree. 1967/226

            Computed from date of receipt of copy of judgement. 1967/154

Notice of appeal not received by party – Appeal reheard. 1967/373.

Notice to appeal defective – Appeal should be heard where appellant has no l

            Legal experience. 1968/354

Order appealed from

            Certified copy required. 1967/111; 1967/153; 1967/227.

            Form in which required copy should be drafted. 1967/227.

            Refusal to hear appeal due to absence of order appealed from does not constitute dismissal of appeal. 1967/279.

Orders of primary court – No restriction on right of appeal from. 1968/400

Procedure – Both parties have right to be heard on appeal. 1968/94

Rent Restriction Act – Judgement refusing application to stay execution of

          consent order for vacation of premises is appeal able. 1968/293

Reversal of decision of trial court – Criterion is whether decision below is

          reasonable and can be rationally supported – Appeal court must not try the

          case again 1968/76.


High Court on revision cannot set aside admission of time – barred application by

            Lower court because matter does not concern jurisdiction. 1968/118




APPEAL (Continued)

    Revision (Contd.)

            Interlocutory decree cannot be upset on revision 1968/399

            Power of High Court on revision. 1968/118; 1968/399.

            Right to be heard on appeal – Pertains to both parties 1968/94

     Taxing master – Decision normally conclusive 1967/177;  1968/502

      Ultra vires judgement – Upheld on appeal where interference would cause

     Hardship to innocent parties.  1968/120



            Arbitration award as condition precedent to right of action under insurance contract . 1968/402

            Arbitration clause which is not condition precedent to contract not enforceable by specific performance. 1968/501.

            Failure to invoke arbitration clause on first learning of law suit estops party from raising clause as defence  1968/346

            Stay of proceedings for arbitration

                        Not mandatory 1968/402

                        When permissible. 1968/247

            Waiver of arbitration – Must be pleaded. 1968/402






Business names

                        Amendment – High Court has exclusive jurisdiction. 1967/158.

                        Failure to register – When relief obtainable from disability to sue.


                        Suit under misstated firm name not barred. 1968/380


                        Account stated – May be reopened where fraud or common mistake proved. 1968/77.

                        Balance sheet – Not always account stated. 1968/77.

                        Directors – Authority of managing director to bind company.


                        Directors – Company empowered to borrow from members or directors. 1968/442

                        Directors –Managing director authorized to purchase goods for company from companies controlled by him where goods required and other directors consent. 1968/401

                        Liquidation – Company in liquidation should normally be required to give security for costs in law suit. 1968/356.





Companies (Cont.)

Residence of trading company determined by site of principal place of business. 1968/356.

Restoration to register of companies – Proper form of action 1967/155

Winding up – Claims based on loans to company by members not to be deferred to claims of other creditors. 1968/442.



            Bankruptcy – When is dissolved.  1968/25; 1968/447.

            Dissolution – Effective only on notice given by partner’s trustee in bankruptcy not on adjudication. 1968/447.

            Dissolution – Haya custom. 1968/212

            Dissolution – Time at which dissolution occurs for purposes of limitation of actions. 1968/25.

            Formation – Sharing of profits from farm not sufficient evidence of partnership where alleged partners were joint owners of property. 1968/447

            Fraudulent dealing with partner – Restoration to pre – partnership position. 1967/236

            Husband and wife – Assumed not to be partners in absence of special  circumstances. 1967/49

            Loan by partner to partnership – Other partner not liable for full amount due – Partnership is liable. 1968/172.

            Profits – Partners share equally. 1968/136

            Purchase by partner of other partner’s interest. 1967/53

            Wages – Suit by partner improper. 1967/175.


            Improper use of society’s funds – Proper parties to suit. 1968/138

            Members’ rights to sue – Primary court has no jurisdiction. 1968/138





Apportionment of blame. 1967/374

Common law liability – Not affected by agreement to insure. 1967/374

Compensation to bailee for services rendered. 1967/332.


Loss of profits due to damage to machine. 1967/374

Measure of value of machine irreparably damaged. 1967/374.

Rate of interest allowable on money due. 1967/ 1967/374

Limitation of actions for recovery. 1967/330.    Limitation of liability clause – Must be brought to attention of other party. 1967/374.




BAILMENT (Continued)

Loss of goods bailed – Owner bears loss – Customary law. 1967/282

Negligence of bailee – Burden of proof.  1967/374.

Theft of goods bailed and partial recovery – Luo custom. 1968/2



       Act of bankruptcy – Claim that creditor’s statement was materially incorrect can be raised after petition of bankruptcy has been accepted by court and creditors’ meeting held. 1968/379.

































            Criminal law – Attempted murder – Transaction taking place in two countries – Triable in Tanzania. 1967/391

            Family law – Claim for custody of child – Case governed by customary law of community where child resides. 1968/3; 1968/5.

            Succession – Conflict between tribal and religious laws. 1967/159



         Accord and satisfaction – Claim for back wages barred by agreement for re-employment at higher salary after dispute arose. 1968/338.




CONTRACT (Continued)

       Account  state – Consideration for agreement to have account stated by third party is mutual promise of parties to adopt third party’s decision. 1968/401


            Agent may be sued on contract where principal cannot be sued. 1967/424

            Agent not bound by contract made on behalf of disclosed principal. 1967/424

            Application – Technical rules and notions of contract should not be applied to claims originating in rural communities. 1968/288

      Barter agreement

            Where person gives animal in exchange for goods and animal dies within a year, person is obliged to replace it unless death is due to negligence of  other party. Kuria custom. 1968/82.

            Goods not delivered – Damages awardable. 1967/378


            Retaking by  seller after buyer’s failure to pay full price. 1967/113.

            Proper defendant. 1967/430

       “Common carrier” defined.    1967/423

        Conditional sale – Failure by buyer to pay within reasonable time invalidates contract. 1967/45

         Contractual notice through mails – Relevant date is date of receipt barring unusual delay of mail. 1968/247.

          Customary law – When applicable 1968/381

          Counterclaim – Discretion of court to exclude. 1968/444


            Awarded where plaintiff proves breach of contract but not damages 1968/287.

            Barter agreement – Damages should be measured by current price of undelivered goods.  1967/378

            Breach of contract for sale of land – Damages not awardable for “trouble created”. 1968/132

            Breach of employment contract – Employer’s right to damages where no special loss shown.    1968/443.

            Fraudulent sale of land. 1968/13

            Goods undelivered due to breach in anticipation. 1967/157

            Liquidated damage clause sets maximum limit of damages but does not dispose of necessity to prove actual damage. 1968/247; 1968/287.

            Measure of – Loss partially paid for by insurance company. 1967/228.

            Required degree of clarity in plaint. 1967/228

            Special damages distinguished from damages claimed by way of set-off. 1967/156.




CONTRACT (Continued)

    Defences – “Non est  factum” – Burden of proof. 1967/425.

    Disposition of government leasehold – Contract which is inoperative as disposition of land may be valid as regards collateral matters. 1968/1


            Employer’s damages for employee’s breach where no special loss shown 1968/443.

            Employee entitled to overtime when contract is silent. 1968/403

            Employee entitled to accumulation of leave when rehired at higher salary after temporary dismissal. 1968/403

            Employee entitled to payment during illness when contract is silent. 1968/443.

            Employee’s right to terminate when assigned unanticipated duties. 1968/443.

            Implied terms regarding leave and termination in oral contract. 1968/117

            Requirement of notice of intent to terminate under probationary contract. 1968/443.


            “Verbal understandings” between parties to written contract are of no effect. 1968/1.

            Writing to effect that goods shall be returned on payment of debt – Proof of return of goods is evidence of payment. 1967/379.

       Fraudulent sale of land – Vendee entitled to purchase price, costs of house erected and crops planted and costs of litigation to establish title against true owner. 1968/13

       Fraud – See Misrepresentation.

       Fundamental breach – Breach of condition converted into breach of warranty when buyer of unworkable vehicle fails to refuse delivery. 1968/486

       Hire – purchase – Hirer of insured vehicle who bears the risk of its loss is entitled to recover on insurance policy. 1968/346.

        Implied terms in oral contract of employment. 1968/117

        Loans – See; MONEY LENDING.


            Claim that agreement to have account stated was not binding because of undisclosed fraud rejected because fraud not proven. 1968/401

            Misdescription of dimensions of land to be sold constitutes fraud. 1968/339

            Undervaluation of insured vehicle – Insurer may disclaim liability under comprehensive policy. 1968/346.

       Privity of contract

            Discussed. 1967.156

           Notion of should not be applied to claim originating in rural communities. 1968/288.




CONTRACT (Continued)

            Procedure – Amendment to pleading should be fully allowed where no injustice results. 1968/256.

            Repudiation of delivery – Not possible after ownership has passed. 1967/157.


               Party rescinding must restore all benefits received, including cost of repairs. 1967/426.

              Vendor of automobile may void sale. 1967/426.

            Right to sue for debt not affected by agreement to extend time for payment. 1967/426

            Running account – Legal significance. 1968/161.

            Sale of land – Purchaser in possession entitled to claim from defaulting vendor either compensation for improvements or specific performance. 1968/132

            Specific performance

                  Arbitration clause which is not condition precedent cannot be enforced by specific performance. 1968/501

                  When court will grant. 1968/132; 1968/444.

            Warranties – Disclaimer of only valid where party carries out essentials of contract 1968/486.

            Waiver – Loss of rights by conduct. 1967/427.






See; PROCEDURE – Jurisdiction.




            Affiliation Ordinance – Parentage. 1968/253


                 Agreement entered into between persons of same tribe presumed to be in accordance with customary law. 1968/82.

                 Can govern contracts for sale of house though no specific tribal law involved. 1968/445

                  Cannot apply to parties lacking any common ground. 1967/171; 1968/445.

                   Changes in customary law cannot be imposed by courts. 1967/163; 1967/434.

      Claim for custody  of child governed by customary law of community where child resides. 1968/3; 1968/5.

       Conflict between tribal and religious law. 1967/159.




CUSTOMARY LAW (Continued )

Application (Continued)

            Contract – Should be applied in broad non – technical way to suits originating in rural communities. 1968/288.

            Custom ignored when contrary to natural justice. 1968/88.

            Custom not applied where clearly outdated. 1968/129.

            Custom not to be followed when repugnant to justice 1967/119

            Customary Law Declaration applied where tribal law unclear. 1967/162.

            Customary law to be applied where not repugnant to justice or morality or written law. 1968/82

            Obsolete custom should be given effect to when it reflects intention of parties. 1967/39.

            Modified by “equity” and “common sense”. 1968/347.

Arusha law – Contract. 1968/381.

Chagga law

            Gift – Land occupied by donor’s wife. 1967/46

            Land – Repossession of land let out on lease. 1968/211.

Customary Law Declaration

            Family law – Breach of promise to marry.  1967/377

            Family law – Concubinage. 1968/250

            Family law – Concubinage – Property obtained jointly. 1968/123.

            Family law  - Custody of children. 1968/3; 1968/4; 1968/83; 1968/206; 1968/250; 1968/343.

            Family law – Custody of illegitimate children.  1967/87; 1967/432.

Customary law Declaration

            Family law – Legitimacy of children. 1968/206; 1968/343.

            Family law  - Maintenance of illegitimate children. 1967/326.

            Family law – Marriage. 1968/16; 1968/405; 1968/406.

            Family law – Parentage. 1967/377; 1968/204; 1968/250; 1968/253; 1968/488.

            Family law – Payment of bridewealth. 1968/492.

            Family law – Refund of bridewealth 1967/86; 1967/115; 1967/283; 1967323; 1968/6;1968/15; 1968/84; 1968/122; 1968/202; 1968/203; 1968/345.

            Family law – Right of wife to produce of field planted before divorce. 1967/160.

            Family law – Validity of marriage. 1968/209

            Guardianship – Sale of minor’s property.  1968/9.

             Limitation  of actions. 1967/231; 1967/330; 1967/333; 1967/373;

1967/433; 1968/2; 1968/9; 1968/24; 1968/26; 1968/492.





        Customary Law Declaration (Continued)

            Succession – Claim by deceased’s wife. 1967/161

            Succession – Disinheritance of heir. 1968/29; 1968/164; 1968/359.

            Succession – Inheritance of land by female. 1967/428; 1967/429; 1968/127; 1968/499.

            Succession – Oral wills. 1967/325; 1968/105; 1968/291.

            Succession – Rights of child of widow sired by relative of deceased husband. 1968/163

            Succession – Rights of illegitimate child of daughter of deceased. 1968/127

            Succession – Rights of full sister of deceased. 1968/450.

            Succession – Written wills. 1968/358.

            Wills – Requirements. 1968/452

        Definition. 1967/163; 1967/434.


            Bailment – Compensation to custodian.  1967/334

            Bailment – Loss of goods Bourne by owner. 1967/282.

            Contract. 1968/288.

            Contract – Proper defendant. 1967/430

            Family law – Custody of children. 1967/431

            Family law – Maintenance of deserted wife. 1968/208.

            Family law – Payment  of bridewealth. 1968/121.

            Family law – Return of bridewealth. 1967/376; 1967/433; 1968/408

            Land law – Change in course of river. 1967/230; 1968/497.

            Land law – Customary tenure under allocation by chief. 1968/21.

            Land law – Disposition of land to church by local authority. 1967/324

            Land law – Land pledged by usurious loan agreement. 1968/169.

            Land law – Licence to occupy  land. 1967/437

            Land law – Long occupation. 1967/233; 1968/7; 1968/20.

            Land law – Revocation of Licence. 1967/329.

            Succession – House owned by deceased but built with aid of another. 1968/162

            Tort – Crop destruction. 1968/407.

            Tort – Refusal of headman to allow sale of pombe. 1968/404.

Haya law – Gift – Conditional gift. 1967/39.

Haya law

            Family law – Custody of children.  1968/405.

            Family law – Marriage. 1968/405.

            Land – Adverse possession 1967/117.





Haya law (Continued )

Land – Inheritance of by female. 1968/86.

Land – Ownership of reeds. 1968/493.

Land - Pledge of. 1968/87; 1968/126; 1968/131; 1968/134; 1968/169.

Land – Publicity essential to any transaction intended to pass property. 1968/134.

Land – Redemption of clan land.  1967/117; 1967/231; 1968/87; 1968/124; 1968/126; 1968/131; 1968/134; 1968/248; 1968/347; 1968/410; 1968/411;1968/412.

Land – Satisfaction of judgement deby by sale of land. 1968/137

Partnership – Dissolution. 1968/212

Succession – Deceased with no issue. 1968/451.

Succession – Disinheritance of heirs or “Kubachwa”. 1968/205.

Succession – Distribution of estate between childless widow and sons of deceased. 1968/12.

Succession – Inheritance of land by female. 1968/86.

Succession – Inheritance of tenants’ land by son. 1968/11.

Succession – Licence to pick crops from bequeathed land. 1968/125

Succession – Method of division among heirs. 1967/163

Succession – Revocation of wills. 1967/40

Hehe law – Land law – Right to newly deposited land. 1967/230.

Hindu law – Damages – Computation of loss to family of son who is “provider” under Hindu          custom. 1967/51

Islamic law – See ISLAMIC LAW.

Jurisdiction – District court has concurrent jurisdiction with primary court. 1968/341.

Kuguru law – Succession – Matrilineal succession. 1967/118.

Kurio law

            Contract involving  exchange of goods. 1968/82.

            Family law – Return of bridewealth. 1968/85

Limitation of actions. 1967/231; 1967/330; 1967/333; 1967/373; 1967/433; 1968/2; 1968/9;1968/24;’ 1968/26; 1968/492.

Luo law – Bailment – Theft. 1968/2

Makonde law – Family law – Custody of children. 1968/5

Masai law – Family law – Custody of children  1967/116

Mulu law – Family law – Wedding presents. 1968/344.

Ngoni law – Succession. 1967/159

Ngurime law- family law- Custody of children 1968/254

Nyakyusa law

Family law – Gift of mourn in cow” for funeral. 1967/2856.

Land custom contrary to natural justice 1968/88





   Nyaturu law

            Family law – Custody of children. 1967/322./

            Family law – Divorce. 1967/284

            Procedure – Assessors should be used in customary law cases. 1968/209.


            High Court relies upon “balance of opinion” of assessors and lower court magistrates. 1968/344.

            Opinion of assessors to be followed. 1967/164; 1967/229; 1967/434.

    Sambaa law

            Family  law – Award of one cow for maintenance of child outdated custom 1968/129

            Land – Right to occupation under traditional chieftainship. 1967/88

            Succession – Right of women to inherit real estate. 1967/229; 1968/498.

    Sukuma law

            Land – Occupation for eight years insufficient  to bar claim. 1968/8.

            Land – Sale of 1968/10.

    Zanaki law – Succession – Rights of full sister of deceased. 1968/450

    Zaramo law – Family law – Dowry.  1967/164.



            Customs Tariff Ordinance – Commissioner must classify product so as to make it subject  to highest rate of duty. 1967/327.

            Customs Tariff Ordinance – Words naming scheduled products should be given ordinary “business” meaning. 1967/327.

     Limitation of one year on demand for additional duty. Customs Tariff Ordinance. 1967/327

      “Soap” defined. 1967/327.














District Council election challenged.

Proceedings of Branch Annual Conference not reviewable Branch annual conference nominations not by-election. 1967/166

Result voided where symbols of candidates reversed. 1967/167.




            Arbitration clause – Failure to invoke on first learning of lawsuit estops party from raising it as defence. 1968/346

            Official cannot be estopped from performing statutory duty. 1967/327.



            Failure to deny claim made in particulars constitutes admission. 1968/170

            Statement by third party, admissible if in response to request by party to suit. 1967/168.

            Statement that goods shall be returned on payment of debt Proof of return of goods is evidence of payment. 1967/379

            Statement that runs against pecuniary interest is admissible. 1968/494.

Assessors – Opinions as to customary law to be followed. 1967/164; 1967/229; 1967/434.

Blood – test – Use of to determine parentage. 1967/431.

Burden of proof

            Blood relationship. 1968/357.

            Crop destruction.  1968/407.

            Gift of land. 1968/498.

            Immigration Act – Burden of proving citizenship is on applicant. 1967/174.

            Income tax – Burden lies on party contesting assessment. 1967/438.

            Legitimacy of children. 1968/12

            Liability to pay local rates 1968/90

            Marriage and subsequent  divorce. 1968/357

            Negligence of bailee. 1967/374.

            Negotiable instruments – Holder presumed to be holder in due course until contrary

             proved. 1968/290

            “Non est factum”. 1967/425.

            Ownership of property  upon which execution is levied. 1967/328.

            Parentage. 1967/377; 1968/204; 1968/250; 1968/253; 1968/488.

            Sale of trust property. 1967/381.





EVIDENCE (Continued)

            Business entries – Opinions of experts not acceptable. 1967/168.

            Contract – Verbal “understandings” between parties to written contract are of no effect.


            Credibility of witnesses. See: Witnesses.

            Customary law – Proof of – 1967/164; 1967/229; 1967/434; 1968/344.

            Expert evidence – Must be oral.  1967/168.

            Extra – Judicial discussion with magistrate who presided in past case – Improper to base

            judgment on. 1967/328.

            Extra – Judicial statement of deceased given weight.  1967/173.

            Findings of fact and law based on magistrate’s personal knowledge – Parties must be

 given opportunity to contradict them. 1968/168.

Handwriting – Identification – Evidence of experts not necessary. 1968/355.

Notice to produce – Technical device not to be required of layman. 1968/355.

Plaint – Should have copies of exhibits attached. 1968/355.

Secondary evidence – Draft of letter admissible to prove contents of letter lost or

 destroyed. 1968/170.

Visit of site – Advisable for magistrate to consult with village officials rather than to rely

entirely on personal observation. 1968/168.


            Competency of agent to testify as to principal’s affairs. 1967/423

            Credibility – Best judged by trial court. 1968/76

            Credibility – Court should give reasons for believing or disbelieving. 1968/390.

            Credibility – Trial court has little advantage over appeal court where lengthy period

 between trial and judgement. 1968/390.


     Affiliation – See. Parentage.

     Bridewealth (See also Divorce).

            Claim for payment barred by long passage of time customary Law Declaration. 1968/492.

            Claim by bride against older sister – Customary Law Declaration. 1968/345.

            Father of bride has no right to seize cattle where bridewealth unpaid. 1968/490.

            Off – spring of animals paid as bridewealth belong to persons receiving bridewealth

             Customary Law Declaration. 1968/15.

            Not returnable on death of wife. 1967/376.




FAMILY LAW (Continued)

     Concubinage – Man who follows woman to her holding entitled to one – fourth of property obtained with his help. Customary Law Declaration. 1968/123.

      Custody of children.

            As between cousins, custody awarded to cousin who raised children. 1968/121

            Children born in wedlock belong to father – Customary Law Declaration 1968/3; 1968/4.

            Children of uncertain parentage belong to legal husband. Masai custom. 1967/116.

            Claim for custody governed by customary law of community where child resides. 1968/3;


            Custody of illegitimate children awarded to mother, Makonde custom 1968/5

            Divorced mother entitleds to custody of female child until puberty. Islamic law. 1968/249

            Father of children born in wedlock has absolute right to custody notwithstanding welfare of children. Customary Law Declaration. 1968/83.

            Father of legitimatized child has right to custody where in child’s interests – Customary Law Declaration. 1968/206.

            Father of legitimatized child has right to custody where in child’s interests. Islamic Law. 1968/206.

            Husband entitled to child conceived during marriage. Islamic law. 1967/232

            Limitation of actions. 1967/280.

            Devoiced mother entitled to custody of female child until puberty. Islamic law. 1968/249

            Father of children born in wedlock has absolute right to custody notwithstanding welfare

 of children. Customary Law Declaration. 1968/83

Father of Legitimatized child has right to custody where in child’s interests – Customary Law Declaration. 1968/206.

Father of legitimatized child has right to custody where in child’s interests – Islamic law.  1968/206.

Husband entitled to child conceived during marriage – Islamic law. 1967/232.

Limitation of actions.  1967/280.

Man with whom mother is living has no right to child conceived by legal husband. Islamic law. 1967/169.

Mother of child whose custody awarded to father entitled to reasonable access – Customary Law Declaration. 1968/3.

Mother should have custody of male child until age of seven if consistent with interests of child. Islamic law. 1968/383.

Natural father entitled to custody of child he legitimatize. Customary Law Declaration. 1968/343.

Parent cannot transfer right of custody to another – Islamic Law 1968/249.




FAMILY LAW (Continued)

   Custody of children (Continued)

            Parent normally entitled to custody. 1967/154

            Parent’s right to custody not barred by long failure to exercise it. 1967/280

            Party who maintained child entitled to compensation from  party later  awarded custody


Party who maintained child entitled to compensation from party later awarded custody. Nyaturu custom. 1967/322

Sufficiency of evidence. 1967/178.

Welfare of child main consideration.  1967/432.

Welfare of child main consideration – Customary Law Declaration 1968/250; 1968/405.

Welfare of child main consideration – Islamic Law. 1968/249.

Where under customary law marriage is deemed to be between wife and husband’s mother husband has no right of custody  on divorce – Ngurime custom. 1968/254


            Amendment of pleading – Affidavit denying collusion not necessary. 1968/252.

            Application to withdraw – Affidavit denying collusion not necessary. 1968/252

            Bridewealth – Considerations governing refund. 1968/408.

            Bridewealth – Full refund not always necessary  where wife quilty party – Customary Law Declaration. 1967/86.

            Bridewealth – Full refund not always necessary where wife initiates divorce.- Customary Law Declaration. 1967/323.

Bridewealth – Full refund where wife quilt party – Customary Law Declaration 1967/115; 1968/6.

Bridewealth – Limitation on action for refund. 1967/433.

Bridewealth – No refund where divorce has not yet occurred. Customary Law Declaration 1968/84.

Bridewealth – No refund where husband failed to support wife – Customary Law Declaraion. 1968/122.

Bridewealth – No refund where marriage lasted long time and produced children – Customary Law Declaraion. 1968/202

Bridewealth – No refund where wife driven from matrimonial home. 1968/207

Bridewealth – No refund where wife driven from matrimonial home – Nyaturu  custom.  1967/284.

Bridewealth  No refund where wife gave birth prematurely Customary Law Declaration. 1968/122.

Bridewealth – Partial refund where marriage did not produce children-Customary Law  Declaration 1967/283.

Bridewealth – Partial refund where marriage lasted long time and produced children – Customary Law Declaration. 1968/203.

Bridewealth – Refund can be ordered even where children born of marriage if wife quilty party. 1967/433; 1968/130.




FAMILY LAW (Continued)

Divorce (Continued)

            Bridewealth – Suit for refund must be directed at parents of former wife not at her new husband – Kuria custom 1968/85

Cannot be granted on petition alone. 1967/47

Consideration for divorce or “khului” – Payment by wife in atonement for disobedience or “kiyamu” not recognized Islamic law. 1967/42

Constructive desertion – Not where husband makes genuine efforts to have wife return. 1968/491

Effected by three talaks not one. Islamic law. 1968/289.

Failure to serve third party involved in alleged adultery. 1968/252

Formula for verbal divorce – Islamic law. 1967/48.

Husband must provide separate accommodation or costs of maintenance during period of pregnancy to former wife pregnant at time of divorce – Islamic law. 1968/92

Jurisdiction – Court can grant divorce where marriage celebrated elsewhere if petitioner has lived in Tanzania for over three years. 1968/251.

Jurisdiction – Court has no jurisdiction where expatriate has not acquired domicile of choice in Tanzania. 1968/382.

Jurisdiction to rescind decree nisi. 1968/252.

Marriage presumed to subsist until dissolution proved. 1967/48.

Primary court has no jurisdiction in divorce suit between Asian Muslim and non Asian Muslim. 1968/120

Recall of wife divorced by one talak – Some form of communication necessary to wife of walli. Islamic law 1968/496.

Requirements for “khula” divorce – Islamic law. 1968/383.

Rescindment of decree nisi – Main considerations are hope of reconciliation and protection of financial interests of wife. 1968/252

Rescindment of decree nisi – Religious principles may possibly be considered. 1968/252.

Revocation of divorce effective although dowry not fully paid. Islamic law. 1968/289

Right of wife to produce of field planted before divorce. Customary Law Declaration. 1967/160

Withdrawal of petition – Decree nisi later granted on prayer of respondent – Error curable. 1968/252.

Use of blood test. 1967/431.


            Guardian has no right to sell property of minors.-Customary Law Declaration. 1968/9.

            Limitation of actions for recovery of property improperly sold by guardian. Customary Law Declaration. 1968/9.








FAMILY LAW (Continued)

   Illegitimate children

            Belong to father of woman. Customary Law Declaration. 1967/432.

            Belong to mother. Makonde custom. 1968/5.

            Birth during marriage conclusive proof of legitimacy Evidence Act. 1968/357.

            Burden of proof. 1968/12.

            Children of informal marriage are illegitimate – Islamic Law 1967/50

            Damages awardable. 1967/377.

            Father of child born of unmarried woman must pay for child’s maintenance until majority. Customary Law Declaration 1967/326.

            Legitimatized by subsequent marriage of parents. Customary Law Declaration. 1968/206.

            May be legitimatized by subsequent marriage of parents – Islamic Law. 1968/206.

            Natural Father may legitimatize child by making payment to father of child’s mother – Customary Law Declaration. 1968/343.

            Presumption that child born after six months of marriage is legitimate not rebutted by impotence of husband – Islamic Law. 1968/383.

            Presumption that child born within six months of marriage is Illegitimate is probably superseded by provisions of Evidence Act –Islamic Law. 1968/357.

            Right of material family to custody and bridewealth may lapse with time – Customary Law Declaration. 1967/87.


            Award of one cow for maintenance of child outdated custom.

-       Reimbursement must reflect actual costs of maintenance.

-       Sambaa custom. 1968/129.

Husband responsible for maintenance of wife living separately

-       Islamic Law 1967/287

Husband responsible for maintenance of wife where there is separation but no divorce. 1968208.

Proof as to cost of. 1967/431; 1968/129.


            Absence of marriage certificate does not invalidate customary law marriage – Customary Law Declaration. 1968//405; 1968/406.

            Breach of promise to marry – Damages awardable. 1967/377

            Bridewealth not essential to validity – Customary Law Declaration. 1968/209; 1968/405.

            Customary marriage does not become “Christian” by subsequent baptism of spouses. 1968/17.

            Customary marriage cannot be superseded by Islamic marriages until dissolved – Customary Law Declaration. 1968/16.




FAMILY LAW (Continued)

    Marriage (Continued)

            Extra – judicial statement of deceased concerning status of woman co-habiting with hima should be given weight. 1967/173.

            Failure to produce marriage certificate does not bar court from finding valid marriage – Islamic Law. 1968/18.

            Long co-habitation raises presumption of marriage. 1967/173.

            Long cohabitation raises presumption of marriage – Islamic Law. 1968/18

            Requirement of bridewealth – Zaramo custom. 1967/164.

            Suit respecting incidents of marriage must be instituted in primary court. 1968/341.


            Burden of proof – Customary Law Declaration. 1967/377; 1968/204; 1968/250; 1968/253; 1968/488.

            Children born in concubinage presumed to belong to man with whom mother is living despite mother’s naming of third party as father. – Customary Law Declaration. 1968/250.

            Man who had sexual relations with woman and whom she named as responsible for her pregnancy is held to be father of child – Customary Law Declaration. 1968/488.

            Mother’s claim must be corroborated – Affiliation Ordinance. 1968/253

            Proof of –Use of blood tests. 1967/431.

     Recall of wife

            Order to return against will contrary to good policy. Islamic law 1967/170

            Time limitation of three months. – Islamic Law. 1967/170.


See: TORT.


See: PROCEDURE – Costs.




Conditional gifts – Ha custom. 1967/239.

Gift of land – Burden of proof falls on party who claims gift was not absolute. 1968/498

Land occupied by donor’s wife may be given to child of other wife.- Chagga custom. 1967/46.

Wedding presents need not be exchanged by half – brothers. Mbulu custom. 1968/344.























See: LAND LAW – Compensation for improvements.


Burden of proof – Burden on party contesting assessment to prove it excessive. 1967/438.

Deductions – Development levy not deduct able – Amount withheld from salary to be included in income. 1968/446.

Land – Gains from sale – When taxable. 1967/438.






Agreement to insure does not affect common law liability. 1967/374.



Exclusion of liability – Clause in motor vehicle policy excluding liability where driver is “unauthorized” driver – Policy avoided as against insured but not as against third parties. 1968/495.

Hire – purchase – Hirer of insured vehicle entitled to recover on policy where risk of loss is on him. 1968/346.

Lost profits – Claim under comprehensive policy denied. 1968/346.

Misrepresentation – Undervaluation of insured vehicle Insurer may disclaim liability under comprehensive policy. 1968/346.









Family law

            Child born prior to marriage of parents may be legitimized. 1968/206.

            Children of informal marriage are illegitimate. 1967/50.

            Consideration for divorce or “khului” – Payment by wife in atonement for disobedience  or “kiyamu” not recognized. 1967/42.

            Divorce – Formula for verbal divorce. 1967/48.

            Divorce is effected by three pronouncements not one. 1968/289.

            Divorce – Husband must provide separate accommodation or costs of maintenance during period of pregnancy to former wife pregnant at time of divorce. 1968/92.

            Divorced mother entitled to custody of female child until puberty. 1968/249

            Failure to produce marriage certificate does not mean valid marriage does not exist. 1968/18.

            Father of legitimatized child has right to custody where in child’s interest. 1968/206.

            Husband entitled to custody of child conceived during marriage. 1967232.

            Husband responsible for maintenance of wife living separately 1967/287.

            Man with whom mother is living has no right to custody of child conceived by legal husband. 1967/169.

            Mother should have custody of male child until age of seven if consistent with interests of child. 1968/383.

            Order that spouse return against will contrary to good policy. 1967/170.

            Parent cannot transfer right of custody