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Lawrence Kaguruku Mutungi v. R., Crim. App. 401-M—67, 14/8/67, Mustafa, J.

Lawrence Kaguruku Mutungi v. R., Crim. App. 401-M—67, 14/8/67, Mustafa, J.

Appellant and a co-accused were charged with theft. The  co-accused was acquitted, but appellant was convicted on the bases of the co-accused ‘s testimony against him. The High Court found that the co-accused was “without doubt an accomplice” of appellant.

            Held: (1) A conviction cannot be based solely on the testimony of a co-accused who is an accomplice. Such evidence requires corroboration. (2) The fact that appellant seemed an untruthful person in the witness box could not serve as such corroboration. Conviction quashed.


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